Recalls – 12/28/11

Today I collected signatures in Milwaukee. Myself and 3 other people collected outside of Lena’s grocery store on Capitol Dr for about an hour, and then we went over to city hall for another hour because people are coming in to pay their property taxes. We collected about 50 signatures between the 3 of us in 2 hours. I then went out to Brady St with one other person between 12am and 1:30am to catch people who were out at the bars, and we collected almost 40 signatures. My total for today was 46 signatures, and our group total was about 90.

The response here in Milwaukee was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. There were very few people who gave us problems while we were out collecting, and most people either signed today, or told us they had already signed. And people’s eagerness to sign was refreshing. In Madison, I get someone who is super excited to sign every once in awhile, but most people have seen so many of us out collecting that it just doesn’t seem like a big deal to them anymore. In Milwaukee, there’s folks who have been waiting weeks to sign, and I’m the first person they’ve seen out collecting.

We really need to get more people out collecting in Milwaukee. There are so many people eager to sign, but not enough people circulating petitions. I am staying in the city overnight, and will be collecting at city hall again tomorrow from 8am to 5pm. I am also looking for people willing to come to Milwaukee this weekend to help out. Send me an e-mail if you are interested:

Below is a picture of the backseat of my car today. Multiple signs, and 4 clipboards for Walker, and 4 for Kleefisch. We definitely needed all of them because people in Milwaukee were so eager to sign.

And here is a picture of an awesome shirt my friend Mark gave me today:

Recalls – 12/27/11

Today I collected near East Towne Mall again today. I’ve got a great spot near Kohl’s and Best Buy that has very accessible parking. I actually had someone today tell me that she hadn’t signed yet because every other time she had seen a drive through, there wasn’t really anywhere to park. I’m going to be talking to the recall office about that the next time I’m in, and make sure they know that some people aren’t signing because the parking isn’t accessible enough. During the hour and a half I collected today, I got 12 signatures, bringing me to a total of exactly 300.

I also was live on WORT today from noon to 1pm along with Jenni Dye (local attorney/activist), Harry Waisbren (New York-based Job Party activist) and Joanie Juster (San Francisco-based videographer). John Quinlan hosted the show. We discussed the use of social media in the Wisconsin Uprising, and we also covered a few other topics including the Solidarity Sing Along, and the recall effort. Listen here.

Recalls – 12/26/11

Today I collected signatures with my friend Matt near East Towne Mall. We started around 8am, and stayed until almost 4pm, with about an hour break around lunchtime to eat and warm up a bit. Altogether we collected 30 signatures, and I also got one signature for Fitzgerald. We got an overwhelmingly positive response from people driving/walking by… but we also got some negative. Below I will talk about the 3 most interesting stories:

An older lady, probably in her 70s, gave us the angriest middle finger I had ever seen. I swear she grew horns and a devil tail as she was waving her finger as us. And there was a 4 or 5 year old boy in the car with her. Way to be a great role model, grandma!

Another person drove by and gave us the middle finger, but this time a group of 2 or 3 people had just walked by and told us they supported us. The car was driving towards the Best Buy parking lot, which was also where these people were walking. After seeing this person give us the middle finger, one of the people walking said, “Don’t worry, I’ll flip him off for you when I see him.”

Later, a car went by with 2 or 3 men in their 40s or 50s, and the driver rolled down his window and yelled, “Hey, get a fucking job!” Someone who had just got done signing was about to cross the street right by said car, and he yelled “Oh, shut the fuck up!”. It was great. He said exactly what I was thinking.

But at the end of the day, there were more people that signed the petitions than people that gave us negative responses.

Recalls – 12/23/11

Today I went to Waterloo to collect signatures, which is Fitzgerald’s district. We canvassed and also had people doing a drive through as well. Even though it was freezing and snowing out, we still got 25 signatures between 5 of us. Here’s a few pictures of the drive through:


Recalls – 12/22/11

I collected on State Street again today, and we got 6 signatures between two of us. Tomorrow I will be going to Waterloo with a group of people to help collect signatures for Walker, Kleefisch, and Fitzgerald. This will be my first time helping out with the Fitz recall, and I’m very excited. I will also be going back to his district on December 30th.

Recalls – 12/21/11

Yesterday I collected signatures from 2:30 until 7:30, and took a couple of short breaks to warm up my frozen toes. I started at East Towne Mall, but only got 1 signature in the hour I was there, so I called the recall office to see if they needed help anywhere else. They sent me to State Street, where I got 9 more signatures. I am now up to a total of 260 signatures.

Also, here is a link to download high-resolution versions of the holiday card I posted on here: Wisconsin Holiday Card


Today I did not collect any signatures. Instead I spent a good amount of time at the recall office talking to them about getting some more boots on the ground outside of downtown Madison, and seeing how we can work on that together. I also planned out the next few days of circulating petitions, and I will be heading out to places that they need help at. I will be at East Towne Mall for the next two days, and on Friday I will be going to hit up a grocery store (not sure which one yet) because people will be out getting food for the holidays. I will then be back at East Towne Mall on the 26th to catch the people who are returning/exchanging gifts.

I also was asked to help create an image that they would like to use for buttons. It’s the blue fist, but with “solidaridad” underneath it. It’s spanish for “solidarity”. Below is the image I created, but edited for more of a poster look instead of for a button:

Stand with Wisconsin this Holiday Season

Those of us in Wisconsin will be working hard through the holidays this year. Although I encourage those of you out circulating to spend at least some time celebrating the holidays with your family, I know that a lot of people will be giving up some of their time to head out and gather signatures. It will be too hard to pass up the supermarket and mall rush on December 23rd and 24th, and the mall rush again the day after Christmas. So, just remember, when you’re warm inside your house over the next week or so, there’s still going to be people out collecting signatures. If you see circulators out while you’re on your way to the store, or wherever you’re going, please give them some positive encouragement.

Below is a holiday card I made:

Recalls – 12/19/11

Today I attended the sing along at the Capitol at noon. The new administrative policy went into effect this weekend that makes it against the rules to hold any sort of rally in the building without a permit. Almost a thousand people showed up to support free speech, and nobody was ticketed/arrested. It was a great show of the people power we have, and the lack of balls the Walker administration has to actually follow through with their new rules.

Everybody’s spirits were high, and the season of recall could be felt in the air. Between almost every song, chants of “recall Walker” could be heard.

Here’s a few pictures I got took:

I also collected signatures on State Street today with a couple of other people, and we got 5 altogether. It seems as though Madison is starting to dry up, and I can’t wait to get people organized to head out of the city and go to places that are in need of circulators.

Madison Circulators – Escape the Isthmus

It’s hard to go anywhere in Madison without seeing people out collecting signatures, especially downtown Madison. Today, the recall office sent me out to State St, but there were already people collecting on almost every block of the street. I literally ran into at least 10 other people who were also collecting. It seems like Madison is overpopulated with petition circulators. I can’t imagine that anybody living in Madison will have a hard time finding a petition to sign before January 17th.

So, why don’t some of us in Madison use our time and effort to collect signatures elsewhere? And I’m talking an organized effort. Not just one or two of us making a last second decision to head out to a small town out in the middle of nowhere, not knowing if there’s even going to be anybody who wants to sign.

I would definitely like to spend time in Milwaukee because today alone I’ve had two different people who live in Milwaukee tell me that they are in need of help there. I also am going to figure out other places that also need help.


If you would like to help out in any way, send me an e-mail at:

How you can help:

If you live in an area that is in need of more circulators that is no more than 2 hours away from Madison – Let me know where you live, and how we can help. Send me any info you think would be helpful, such locations that are good for collecting, or large events that are going on in your area that you think would be great to have circulators at. Also let me know if you are available to help us collect signatures when we’ll be in your area.

If you live in Madison and would like to help out in other communities – Let me know when you are available. Plan on being gone for most of the day if you help out, especially if we’re going to locations further away, such as Milwaukee. And also let me know if you are able to drive. We will organize carpools and people can all chip in for gas.


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