Forward On Climate Rally

Yesterday, an estimated 50,000 people gathered in Washington D.C. for the the Forward On Climate rally, an anti-Keystone Pipeline action, which made it the largest environmental action in the history of the United States. Below are some photos I took:














14 Comments on “Forward On Climate Rally

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  2. Jenna Pope,

    Carry On!! Beautiful work.
    We’ve got to turn this around really fast. We’re in overtime.
    All the best for all of us,

    Adrianne Davis

  3. Thanks so much for doing the great work that you’re doing – keep it up! It means so much :)

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  5. Dear Jenna, thanks so much for your work. I hope you will not be offended by the fact I’ve used a couple of your photos (mentioning you as the author and linking your’s blog page) to inform italian readers of my blog “Cronache” about Washington’s rally. Otherwise plese do contact me
    Paolo Fior

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  7. Wonderful photos, especially of some of the awesome Native chief women; do you have tags for the women in the picture? I was very impressed with the Ponca chief especially, and the BC folks.

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  10. Thanks for sharing your write-up. It made me smile
    then chortle which can be expressing a thing!

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