How I Plan to Help on the Recalls

  • Get as many recall signatures as possible. My plan is to split most of my time between Madison and Milwaukee because I believe we can get the majority of our signatures from those two cities. And I also lived in Milwaukee for a couple of years, so I know the city pretty well and have friends I can crash with to avoid getting hotel rooms. I will also hit up towns on the outskirts of the two cities. And I would consider going elsewhere in the state if there are areas that are in need of more volunteers.
  • Help out at recall offices.
  • Spread information via the internet. I will keep people informed of events throughout the state, and let people know where signing locations are. This means you can also send people to me if they have questions, and I will do my best to find the info that they need.
  • And I’d consider helping out in any other ways that people bring to my attention.

2 Comments on “How I Plan to Help on the Recalls

  1. aren’t others doing this for free ?
    why should we sponsor you and not one of the people
    who has lost a job due to walker, also asking for money is odd
    when there are others who are in much worse position than you
    were you laid off by the state or a union ?

    • Yes, others are doing it for free. The reason I choose to do this is because I had several people coming to me, wanting to donate money to me, but didn’t know how. So I set up an online fund and am making it available to anybody that would like to help out. I already have people donate money to me on a regular basis (without me asking for anything) because they see that I am a committed activist who is struggling to survive and they want to help me continue my fight towards a better world. So, I’m not making people donate to me. People can give to whoever they want. But there’s people out there who want to be able to give to the recall efforts and want to see results come out of it, and I can give that to people. If you would rather donate to somebody who has lost their job, then please do so.
      I’m just at a point in my life where I don’t have kids, or a family, or a lifelong career to worry about. So that means I can get by on very little money, and I can move around from place to place without it being a big deal. So I figured I should make the most of that while I can, and do whatever I can to help out with the recalls.
      And again, I’m not asking people to donate to me instead of donating somewhere else.

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