It’s almost time.

I’ve been doing all I can for the recalls while working at my current job, but I can’t wait to start working on the recall effort full time. Wednesday will be my last day on the schedule at work. Thursday I will be heading down to Brodhead with at least one other circulator where I hear people are eager to sign, but there aren’t enough petitions being circulated. The plan is to have a drive-through, and possibly canvass at houses with recall Walker signs in the yard. I will then, most likely, be heading to the Milwaukee area for a few days starting on Friday because I hear they also need more people circulating petitions there, as well.

If anybody knows of any places near Madison or Milwaukee that are in need of more petition circulators, please let me know. I will see what I can do about either going there myself, or rounding up other folks who can help out.

3 Comments on “It’s almost time.

  1. Come on by the MTEA office at 51st and Vliet on Saturday at 9 AM for the We Are Milwaukee recall petition mobilization.

  2. I think that Lafayette County Recall Office in Darlington could use folks to help at signing stations. Phone is 608-776-2737.

    And a big THANKS for all you do, wherever you do it!

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