Recalls – 12/19/11

Today I attended the sing along at the Capitol at noon. The new administrative policy went into effect this weekend that makes it against the rules to hold any sort of rally in the building without a permit. Almost a thousand people showed up to support free speech, and nobody was ticketed/arrested. It was a great show of the people power we have, and the lack of balls the Walker administration has to actually follow through with their new rules.

Everybody’s spirits were high, and the season of recall could be felt in the air. Between almost every song, chants of “recall Walker” could be heard.

Here’s a few pictures I got took:

I also collected signatures on State Street today with a couple of other people, and we got 5 altogether. It seems as though Madison is starting to dry up, and I can’t wait to get people organized to head out of the city and go to places that are in need of circulators.

2 Comments on “Recalls – 12/19/11

  1. I LOVE IT! This is the best Christmas present! Thank you thank you thank you… I especially love that sign about we don’t need permission to speak in our own house.

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