Recalls – 12/28/11

Today I collected signatures in Milwaukee. Myself and 3 other people collected outside of Lena’s grocery store on Capitol Dr for about an hour, and then we went over to city hall for another hour because people are coming in to pay their property taxes. We collected about 50 signatures between the 3 of us in 2 hours. I then went out to Brady St with one other person between 12am and 1:30am to catch people who were out at the bars, and we collected almost 40 signatures. My total for today was 46 signatures, and our group total was about 90.

The response here in Milwaukee was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. There were very few people who gave us problems while we were out collecting, and most people either signed today, or told us they had already signed. And people’s eagerness to sign was refreshing. In Madison, I get someone who is super excited to sign every once in awhile, but most people have seen so many of us out collecting that it just doesn’t seem like a big deal to them anymore. In Milwaukee, there’s folks who have been waiting weeks to sign, and I’m the first person they’ve seen out collecting.

We really need to get more people out collecting in Milwaukee. There are so many people eager to sign, but not enough people circulating petitions. I am staying in the city overnight, and will be collecting at city hall again tomorrow from 8am to 5pm. I am also looking for people willing to come to Milwaukee this weekend to help out. Send me an e-mail if you are interested:

Below is a picture of the backseat of my car today. Multiple signs, and 4 clipboards for Walker, and 4 for Kleefisch. We definitely needed all of them because people in Milwaukee were so eager to sign.

And here is a picture of an awesome shirt my friend Mark gave me today:

2 Comments on “Recalls – 12/28/11

  1. Back of my car has a folding table and a chair and several signs for weeks now.

    odd that there are not enough volunteers in Milw.

    thank you so very much for the time you put in for this great cause.

  2. I am grateful to you for this time and in bad weather. I am at Occupy Harrisburg, Pa, and am out at Midnight to 8:00 am. I am routing for you to impeach Walker. You have much support, so don’t get down. It is an all out effort on his part, as our governor, to cut education, cut salaries, and give corporations our tax money. We don’t want it, you will stop him, and we will stop our governor. Thanks.

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