A Day of Total Recall

There are no words to explain how amazing yesterday was. Instead, I will tell the story through pictures with brief descriptions.

In the morning, outside of the GAB waiting for Lori Compas to announce how many signatures we gathered for Fitz:

Seconds after Lori announced that we had gathered 20,600 signatures for Fitz. We needed 16,742 to trigger a recall election:

Handing the Fitz petitions over to the GAB:

At the GAB after we turned in the Fitz petitions:

We then went to the sing along at the Capitol. This is Lori and I in the rotunda:

Some of us Fitz recall volunteers went to the Great Dane to get some lunch after the sing along. Afterwards, myself and a few others went to the Monona Terrace to march to the GAB with everybody else to turn in the rest of the petitions:

We marched past this Fox News truck on the way to the GAB:

When we got to the truck where the petitions were being stored, there was an insane amount of news cameras:

I wasn’t chosen to carry a box of petitions, but my friend Randy Bryce was. He urged me to come with him anyways, and we got to carry a box in together.

Randy and I inside of the GAB with our box:

After all of the boxes were delivered to the GAB, many of us gathered at the Capitol for some chanting:

We then went over to the Monona Terrace where my friend Lane Hall had asked me to be a part of the “greeting committee” and hold one of his light up recall signs while we sang labor songs:

We then carried the signs through a room full of about 4,000 people as they cheered. We also go to close out the recall ceremony by taking the signs on stage:

Afterwards, many people (including Ed Schultz, Senator Chris Larson, Senator Jess King, Representative Peter Barca, Representative Dave Hansen, and Mahlon Mitchell) gathered at the Great Dane to celebrate some more:

This was the best day of my entire life.

3 Comments on “A Day of Total Recall

  1. I do fundraising for all things Democrat, and, you all have been an inspiration!

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