Workers are Human Beings

I don’t understand what’s so difficult about treating employees like they’re actually human beings that deserve rights. I mean, people have to be treated like complete shit at work if they are willing to risk losing their jobs and are spending hours a day walking a picket line in the hot sun while carrying around their kids.

Palermo’s, do everybody a favor – allow these workers to organize, and start treating them like human beings instead of machines who don’t have needs. In return, they’ll be happier employees, which will make them more productive… and you won’t have to deal with a boycott and all of the other well-deserved shit that’s currently getting thrown at you.

3 Comments on “Workers are Human Beings

  1. In the movie “Vanilla Sky” Tom Cruise’s character asks, what’s the answer to 99 out of 100 questions? Money. So isn’t the answer to your question that in a capitalist society such as ours it’s more profitable to pay workers minimum wage and treat them like interchangeable parts, widgets? Workers used to be treated like shit so they unionized. Now we are in a post-union America where mgmt has all the rights and workers have no rights – isn’t this deja vu? Haven’t we seen this before in American History? Do we need to reunionize America? What are your thoughts on unions?

    • Under the current government, unions are a necessary evil. They often times become corrupt and too powerful, such as the government is, but they are also necessary to make sure workers aren’t completely shit on.

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