Pipin’ Hot Petition Delivery at Palermo’s

Today we delivered about 15,000 signatures to Palermo’s, asking them to stop the harassment, and to respect their workers. About 150 people gathered to watch the delivery – strikers, union members, MICAH members, and other citizens. The strikers and supporters walked the picket line together for awhile before delivering the petitions:

Here is the delivery truck for the petitions:

And this is Daniella, the daughter of one of the strikers, who helped to deliver the petitions:

Daniella, her mother, and Joe from MICAH, leaving the pizza boxes full of petitions at the feet of the police officers, who then carried the boxes inside:

Today was a very empowering day – both for the strikers and the supporters. It was great to see so much support from the community, and from the people around the nation who signed the petition. This fight isn’t just about the Palermo’s workers, but all workers nationwide and worldwide. If just one worker is treated without respect, and we allow it to happen without standing up for them, then the rights of all workers everywhere are also threatened. We must continue striving towards better working conditions and more rights for all workers everywhere.

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