Why I won’t be Voting for (D) or (R) in the Presidential Election

Update: My views have changed significantly since I wrote this blog post. I do encourage you to read the blog post below, but you can also my updated blog post here.

Recently, some people have been condemning me for my decision to either vote third party, or write-in my vote, possibly a vote of “no confidence” – I haven’t decided quite yet. I feel like many of these people don’t even somewhat understand why I have made that decision, and are making assumptions. So, I will attempt to explain it further in hopes of helping those people understand, and hopefully respect my decision, even if they don’t agree with it.

Well, first of all, I am not a Republican or a Democrat. It’s not my fault that we have a two-party system, and that neither of the two parties even somewhat represent my views. Of course, my views are closer to that of the democratic party, but still, not close enough. I refuse to look past my views, opinions, morals, and values to vote for somebody who doesn’t even come close to representing them.

Second of all, in my opinion, the presidential election is fictitious. Both parties are bought by corporations, and I believe our votes are, too… In other words – your vote doesn’t count. They will elect whoever they want. It’s been proven that it is possible to flip the votes, but they’re doing a good job at making sure the general population either doesn’t know this, or at least making sure they don’t believe it.

Thirdly, I believe that voting for (D) or (R) in the presidential election is only making things worse. It keeps more people pacified and unwilling to do anything to actually create change. They – the evil corporations and the politicians who are bought by them – want you to vote so you feel like you have a voice, but in the end, they’re going to do what they want anyways. And I feel like by voting for the “lesser of two evils”, I would just be playing their game, and giving them more power. Real change will not happen while people continue voting for either of the two evils.

Instead, we need to resist the system and take away their power by not voting for (D) or (R) in the presidential election. It’s obvious that with the way the system is currently set up, we can’t rely on any president to be a voice for the people, so we need to take it upon ourselves to make sure our voices are heard. But, not voting, or voting third party is not enough. We also need to take action – organize, mobilize, occupy, strike, takeover. Women didn’t gain the right to vote by voting, did they?*

And as my soulmate – were he still alive – Eugene V. Debs says: “It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don’t want and get it.”

*Just as a quick side note,  I had somebody bring up a good point about the women who did try to vote, and were arrested for it. My point was that they didn’t make the change AT the ballot box. They did it by resisting the status quo, which included going TO the ballot box as a form of civil disobedience.

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  1. You have the right to vote for who you feel best represents you. Doing all the activism you suggest is fantastic. However, if you do not vote at all you will not be counted by the people in power. You make say you don’t care about that, but any group without the vote (undocumented people, for example) get treated like dirt. You are right about many things, but don’t give up your vote.

  2. I agree with you Jenna and support your v iews. It was very disheartening to realize Barak Obama had weakened at the knees because it really was more about the status quo than the people. Like wise I feel our Congress in DC has sold out the people to corporate interests as well but that can change… The only democrats I ‘MAY’ vote for are Kelda because shes standing up for women’s rights,,,possibly Peter Barca, Mark Pocan, and Yuri Raskin… But if they dont do more personally and professionally to address the voter election corruption going on, Ill be forced to vote independent all the way,,which is what I am. As a veteran, the humiliation I feel for having served a country overseas only to watch the people here at home bury their heads in the sand and watch fascism take over,,,is the only reason I am attending the Veterans For Peace Convention in Miami next month; to gauge where all of our other veterans are at politically. If I dont like what I hear, I may come home early…Stay strong Jenna, you have been my inspiration since our days of sleeping on marble…
    Hallis your faithful drummer…..

  3. The notion that Obama “weakened at the knees” misses the truth. Obama was, from the beginning, a Wall Street puppet. He never was a “liberal” or progressive. The so-called left in this country, thirsty for /anything/ after 8 years of Bush, drank the kool-aid.

  4. All BS, you guys find all kind of reasons to dislike the President. Complain, complain, complain is all we Americans do…

  5. I don’t disagree with your overall analysis. However, the facts are that even though both major party candidates are beholden to big money, there are huge differences between the two. With one we have a defender of human rights who believes folks should be able to marry who they choose. The other is a staunch opponent of same sex marriage. One supports the dream act, the other bitterly opposes it. One is fighting to get those who don’t have health insurance covered; the other is fighting to keep millions uninsured. Maybe it is what I do for a living (A Labor Rep), but I see explicitly the consequences of the Republican agenda and its impact on everyday people’s life’s. The fact of the matter is, the common folks will be much worse off under the Rs then the Ds.

  6. My husband always writes in Dennis Kucinich for President.

  7. Don’t bow to peer pressure… think for yourself.

    “Democracy is not something you believe in or a place to hang your hat, but it’s something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles.”

  8. I didn’t have a lot of faith in Obama and “change” when I voted for him in 2008. There are even more things about his leadership style or lack there of to keep me from voting for him this year. I am torn between voting against Romney or voting for Green. The lack of a vote to me, and I can understand where you are standing, is a disservice to the rest of us. If I vote for Obama it will be out of a conviction that Romney will beat him and we will lose SCOTUS for a long time. Regardless, this vote is not about either Romney or Obama; it is about us. We need to make our voices strong, clear and in solidarity. More then Obama or Romney we need to take our democracy back from the local districts up through the Senate with progressives, whether they be democrats, greens, socialists or some hybrid of all three as I am. Then we need to focus on 2014 and getting a third party up and kicking.

  9. Frankly, I’m ashamed for you. Your apathy is exactly what got us Citizens United and George W. Bush. You claim you’ll fight for change but not vote for it? How would voting, even if it is “nonsense” as you claim, harm you in any way? Why did your grandmothers fight for the vote, only to watch you openly throw yours away?

    • You accuse her of apathy?! I’m ashamed for you. I contend that those who think that voting is the ultimate civic duty are apathetic. Just fill out your ballot and go home to sit in front of your tv to see how it all unfolds. Some of us, like Jenna, are out there everyday, organizing within our communities, working to pass new legislation and do away with bad legislation, and overall fighting for our rights. I also contend that voting for some one that you don’t feel represents your principles is throwing it away, worse even, in that you are supporting the forces that the 99% is fighting against. If you want to vote for Obama, great, do it. I suspect that most people like Jenna would support you voting your principles, but how dare you attempt to try to shame some one into voting against theirs.

  10. Mostly, pure unadulterated horseshit… AGAIN: it’s about THE SUPREME COURT. If nothing else, a NON-vote for Obama is a vote for a FASCIST Supreme Court. ANYONE in my life LISTEN: If you’re NOT voting or voting for a 3rd party… STAY AWAY FROM ME… the same way I ask anyone who is voting for RMoney to do so. You’re EQUALLY a threat to my well being. SCAT! 🙂

  11. You remind me of the Tea Party Republicans — refuse to compromise. It\’s either all your way or it\’s the high way. 😦 This nation is supposed to be governed in a balanced way. That\’s why the two parties were set up — compromise. No one can get everything the way but with COMPROMISE, you can get a little of what you want, I can get a little of what I want, and that guy can get a little of what he wants. With Obama, I can get many things that I want. Under Romney, I will get nothing that I want. With Republicans controlling Congress, I will get nothing that I want. I really would prefer a single payer health care system, but I am mature enough to realize that there is no way that would have happened at this point in time. So, I am pleased that we at least have taken one little step on the road to health care reform, instead of no step at all. So, I will vote for Obama because he is the best shot I have for getting at least a little bit of what I want.

    • Well said agl1. There is no purity in politics, nor should there be. Our elected representatives are supposed to represent EVERYONE, so their actions and votes and statements are never going to make everyone happy.

      Yes, the 2 party system is stifling, but throwing away your vote is a slam in the face of anyone anywhere who fought and sacrificed for the right to vote.

  12. Don’t vote? Don’t bitch when you don’t like how anything goes for the next 4 years. You give up that right when you refuse the responsibility of voting.

    • I think my feelings mirror yours (and probably lots of ours.) The question is what to do with all of that dissatisfaction. I believe the only wrong answer is to not vote. I fully support your choice to vote for neither of the pigs. I may still be wavering as I enter the box. Vote for anyone you believe in, but be prepared to live with the “leaders” “chosen” for us.

    • The Bush wars were brought to us all of by those who voted for Nader!

  13. I wrote in Trayvon Martin in the primary. I plan to write in another ineligible martyr or hero in November. Preferably someone who isn’t trying to destroy the public school system. I might go Green again. We’ll see.

    Thanks for your post, and keep fighting.

  14. For no other reason than the Supreme Court – I will be voting for President Obama. They absolutely have the most power now and frankly – because Nader didn’t withdraw – we got Bush and THIS Supreme Court. Ralph Nader was my hero – but I do NOT believe that there is no difference between the two parties. I remember trying with all my heart to get young people to not vote for Ralph (and throw away their vote). Really – the only time you will feel good about your 3rd party vote or write-in, will be while in the booth and for the hours before the election results. People did literally die for you chance to make a difference with your vote. Nine people are SO POWERFUL now and if Republicans win this time – it’s over for any future decisions going our way. Please reconsider carefully. Of course it’s your right – but that right could be taken away – and don’t doubt that they might do that if given the Court too. “Only people with property can vote” – I can hear it now. . .

    • I never said there was absolutely no difference between the two parties. In my opinion, there isn’t much difference, but there is some.

      • Like I said, for the Supreme Court alone – that’s a good enough reason for me. I basically don’t disagree with what you are saying, but we really cannot let the Court fall into their hands.
        I’m EXTREMELY disappointed too by the results of the election, but look – we did get the Senate back. That really is an amazing accomplishment. We actually stopped him for now. Let’s not forget that. Hell – LET’S CELEBRATE THAT! I’m going to take a breath and then get behind our President. He’s going to need every single one of us. We are in for a brutal fight, not unlike the one we just went through. Sigh. . . but we can do it. We must.

  15. While I would agree with a fair number of your opinions and points, and may be considering casting a vote for a third party, I would never forgive myself (and I won’t forgive people like you, who clearly understand that one option truly is the lesser of two evils) if Romney were elected by the slimmest of margins. Think about the 2000 election in Florida, where a handful of votes literally would have changed the outcome of the election.

    If Obama is polling 20 points ahead in whatever state I am voting in (due to a possible move it may be either Illinois or Wisconsin), which is very possible, I may vote for a third party. But if I lived in Ohio, Missouri, or Florida, you could be sure that I would be voting for the President.

    • Then expect nothing toc hange Ben….if you continue to do what you’ve ALWAYS done, expect to GET what you’ve ALWAYS got..

  16. Yeah- That’s really showing them. Don’t vote, rely upon what appears to be an instinct that your vote doesn’t count anyway and complain that no party represents you. Grow up.

  17. I didn’t have to read all of your post to know what you are saying. I said the same thing. Just recently I heard Charlie Rangel won the election, but 3000 votes are missing. what does that say about our elections. Another thing, Republicans with the Voter ID, suggested by ALEC is setting up Pa. and other states to take the presidency. They gerrymander to eliminate the possibility of their Rep Senator from being voted out. They got rid of two Dem state senators for this end. But, as much as feel our vote does not count, it is the only thing we have, even though they are trying to limit it. But, in the future Occupiers will change all of this, and to eliminate the possibility of ALEC’s bills being put through, we need to get Dems in, and again change the majority in Congress and state government. We need to show we can at least change the power of the majority.

  18. You are right Philly, I never really believed in the guy, but never in my wildest dream did it occur to me that he would be worse than bush.

  19. Stick to your guns, pal. I’ve voted for third parties most of the time since I became a voter 36 years ago. The only times I’ve ever felt like I’ve “wasted” a ballot was when I allowed myself to be conned or intimidated into voting for people I knew would not be what they claimed to be, and all three times, those people (Dukakis, Clinton, Obama) were “democrats”. Besides, why should we trust allies who don’t respect the rights of a dissenting minority? Democrats want people to vote for them, but they also work overtime to drive third parties off the ballot, and they also refuse contentious factions— for example, the antiwar crowd— a plank in the “democratic” party platform. Well, nothing FROM them, nothing FOR them. They dont’ really respect our right to dissent. They are not our friends.

  20. Mitt Romney thanks you and all the other progressives who have decided not to vote for Obama because he isn’t pure enough.

  21. It’s obvious that you do not understand, that it is Party Platforms one votes for. And as long as you go into the Voting booth, fully aware that you merely are throwing away your vote, that is your right. I would like to say all it cost you was the gas to get there, but it may cost you your future and your kid’s, if any, futures. That’s if you live in a Swing State where even a few dozen votes can make the difference.
    Let me remind you, there are those of us out here, been around a LOT longer than you, have been voting and observing for 50+ years !!! We have seen people who throw themselves out there, like Buddy Roemer, Nadar, Ross Perot, and many more, who KNOW they will never , ever get to be President, but like to screw around with the system and skew the results ! Yeah, they sure are worthy of being voted for ! Men with no principles, who like to rattle cages. So You vote however you want to, but when either Romney or Obama gets in—-and one will—–do not come out in public with any bitching, moaning, complaints !!! You only get to do that if you vote responsibly and vote for the best choice for this country. Maturity over the next years will help you with your decisions.

    • Thanks for voting and observing for 50+years! So you’re the responsible person I’ve been looking for to talk to about this mess we’re in? Because, yah, all that voting and observing has really helped us out. And thanks for telling us non-two-party voters that we have no rights to free speech unless we vote for one of the two parties. Very democratic.

      • That’s nice, Angela, blame someone in the minority of people in this country are actually active in politics for the problems you see. Let’s see what has happened over the last 50 years: the EPA was created, Title IX leveled the playing field (he he), the Great Lakes Compact was negotiated and signed, Medicare was established, etc. etc. If you see no change then you are looking only at your own navel.

    • Continue to always do what you’ve always dne…get what you have always got….

  22. Just know this, pal. There are those of us who have been around voting and observing results for 50+ years, who KNOW that any 3rd party person out there, KNOWS that he cannot win, and merely want to screw up the results. Some principled person to vote for , huh? Lots of integrity? NOT ! Buddy Roemer, Nadar, Ross Perot, all out there at any given time, merely rattling cages. So by all means, you go and vote for some body you KNOW in your heart is not going to win. In the long run—you know what—-your vote won’t count for anything. Who will care? Not those of us who have the maturity to know that you are merely wasting your gas. But let me tell you this—-when either Obama or Romney wins—-and one of them will—-you do not get the right to come out in public complaining or bitching about how the country will be run! You lose that privilege when you throw your vote away. Someday, Maturity will teach you, choose the Party platform that suits you the closest.

  23. Voting is so important and the election of Bush v Gore is th perfect example so may voted for Nader. Their decision to do that was indeed contributed to us having a president who lead us to 2 wars on completely unfounded. If all democrats took you stand Romney will win and that could be so disastrous for our country!!!! For shame, sure work to change the system but until you have to work in it or you are complicate in the disastrous results… Our country will be in the hands of those who will lead us to a great depression…..

  24. If anyone thinks Nader cost Gore the election, read some books. Do some learnin’ … because you’re a moron. The facts are there and you are not familiar with them.

    I was proud to vote Nader, and I would do it again. Do you have any idea how many independents help the Democrats? Many of the most committed activists are independents. Stop telling us what we can and cannot do with our votes.

    … and I will not be voting Obama.


    Feel free to debunk any of the facts at this website. Obama is a corporate tool and a war criminal. I cannot vote for him.

  25. I totally agree with you, Jenna. But I am scared enough of Romney to vote for Obama, even though he is horrendous is so many ways. I think (and hope) that he will do less damage than Romney, and give us the time we need to build the movement that will eventually overthrow this insane system, and give the power back to the people, where it belongs. I know Obama isn’t perfect, but not voting for him would guarantee a Romney win. I know it sucks, but sometimes voting for what’s right is the wrong thing to do.

    • Well, that brings me back to one of my points in my post… I firmly believe that our votes will not actually be counted. We vote, and then “they” pick who they want to win. So it doesn’t matter who you vote for, you’re stuck with whoever the rich elite choose.

      • If that were in fact true, do you REALLY think the rich elite would have chosen Obama? Honestly, think about it.

      • Yes, because he’s the “good guy.” He promised to be a voice for the people, and make a bunch of changes. Instead, he’s done a few “good” things, but still continues to do many horrible things. But hey, he’s the good guy! so we should vote for him again! /sacrasm/

      • Batman, You argue out of fear that your vote won’t count. If you do not vote, you can be sure that it won’t count!

      • No, it is not fear. I said above that I FIRMLY BELIEVE that our votes will not count. Not that I’m afraid our votes won’t count. People who dislike Obama, but vote for him because he’s the “lesser of two evils” are the ones voting out of fear.

      • Not voting out of fear — but if there’s a chance that my vote will be counted, I want to be sure that nothing I do could ever be construed as helping Romney win. No more Scalias!

      • “I want to be sure that nothing I do could ever be construed as helping Romney win.” – That’s fear.

      • Fear can lead to “realism.” I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this topic, though.

  26. Jenna, I laughed out loud when a commenter above accused you of “apathy.” We can debate your stance here forever, but the last thing anyone can say about you is that you’re apathetic. You are an inspiration and if a tenth of the people who vote were a tenth as involved as you are in making the world a better place, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. That said, I found it a lot easier to vote 3rd party when our state was more safely blue. Now, I don’t dare risk the blood that would be on my hands if RMoney wins Wisconsin. I agree that the 2 party system is fatally flawed and we need to fight Citizen’s United and the influence of corporate money. But I’m not convinced that voting against Obama is the way to win that fight. In fact, I think it’s a shot in the foot if it results in a Republican sweep which will make it even harder to make any headway in that department. So there’s really not much that could stop me for voting Obama 2012, in the hopes that I’ll be voting Feingold 2016.

  27. Jenna I respect your opinion and here your point for the most part. Our political system is very corrupt. The Tea Party Republicans and far right have really created a war for progressives. George Washington warned Americans against the two party system. Obama has done somethings that I am disgusted with as a whole. The wealthy 1% donate too both parties. No doubt about your point. They prefer the republicans but expect the favors of the Democrats if the Dem’s win.
    As a Casual employee of the Untied Steelworker’s you know where I stand on this, Obama has to win this re-election the forces we are fighting against will take away the gains of our movement. Labour is the backbone of the middle class and Romney would love to break our backs while Obama still aligns himself for our endorsement. Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act is the best thing since sliced bread for Americans it is a hard fought start in the right direction.
    I agree we need a new system we need to rally and challenge this system with all our might but right now we need to break the Tea Party first. We need to attack them with everything we have and if we re-elect Obama keep the Senate and turn the House we will have done just that.

  28. I ask you to give Jill Stein a look. She is running as the Green Party candidate and think her views are as close to yours as you will find on the presidentual ballot.

  29. For the folks giving Jenna a hard time here: What’s your reaction when you meet a friend or family member who’s voting for Romney? Do you scream at them that they’re destroying America, or do you shrug your shoulders, say, “Well, it’s not going to do any good to try to convince them they’re wrong,” and then get on with your life? For some reason, liberal Dems have no problem at all accepting that millions of people will vote Republican, but when they encounter a Green voter or a principled non-voter they go nuts. Why?

    • Neither, Steve. Screaming at them accomplishes as little as shrugging my shoulders. Trying to find common ground and reinforce that ultimately we have similar goals is a much better approach.

    • I have some family who are….tea party. I’m stuck with them, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get into arguments. And, I’m not close to them. They’re not people I enjoy hanging around, not simply because of the politics. I have some conservatives friends who I enjoy a good discussion with but they’re not voting for Romney. They don’t like what the Republican party has become, so they will vote for Obama. But, in all honesty, I could not be good friends with someone who could vote for Romney.

    • Because those of us who fall on the progressive side of the fence tend, as a general rule, to be more willing to listen to reason than those on the other side, so we hope that our well-thought-out objections to a practice we see as damaging to the “good fight” will be heard. There’s no point in trying to convince a blind ideologue that they are making a bad choice, but we like to think “our side” is open-minded enough to hear what we have to say.

  30. She’s right, the two corporate parties drink from the same trough (see: http://www.opensecrets.org)
    Check out voterocky.org with the Justice Party. The Green Party upper elite have already decided that Jill Stein will be their candidate, why have a convention, already ruling out Roseanne Barr and other candidates. With either party we have more war, and an unsustainable path regarding the environment, economy and our democracy. The system is rigged against third party candidates, read Theresa Amato’s book: Grand Illusion – The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny.

  31. I respect your decision. I voted for Nader back in the day. However, since that time I have come to see that the Supreme court is the real issue. Let Romney win and the court will be bright red for the rest of our lives.
    I have held the same beliefs but now see more is at stake than my personal dissent.

    • Like I mentioned in my post, I don’t believe our votes count in the end. So, vote for Obama, vote for Romney, vote for a 3rd party candidate, or don’t vote. It doesn’t matter. The wealthy elites who own our government will make the final decision through election fraud – I believe their candidate will again be Obama. Romney is just a complete airhead, and I can’t imagine they think it would be a good idea to elect him. They will keep Obama, the “good guy”, who ran as the “hope” of this country. He has done enough “good” things so that people will ignore the horrible, horrible other things he has done.

  32. Here’s the problem: the president elected in November will probably appoint 4 justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. Romney will appoint more Scalias. Obama will appoint more Kagans and Sotomayors. If we don’t want to lose all possibility of redress in the federal courts for the next 20 or 30 years, we have to support Obama. It’s not just that sitting this one out or casting a vote for someone other than the two major contenders is equivalent to giving up on the executive branch. It’s also giving up on the judicial branch. Yes, democrats and republicans are too much alike and all candidates of both parties depend too much on big money. Yes, the whole system is corrupt and not worthy of our support. But the reality is that either Romney or Obama will take the oath of office in January, regardless of those facts. And whoever wins will control the Court. Please consider holding your nose and voting for Obama. Maybe he’s not a GOOD candidate. But he’s the BETTER candidate of the realistic choices. (Ugh.)

    • Here’s the problem with that: Your vote doesn’t count anyways: http://www.votescam.org/
      I feel like some people aren’t reading my whole post before commenting, or are blocking out the parts they don’t want to believe….

      • But what if you’re wrong about our votes not counting? Would that change your position? If so, then isn’t it a better option to make the possibly functional choice rather than the token objection with potentially devastating consequences?

  33. Progressives need to understand that they cannot simply show up once every four years, gripe about the flaws of Republican and Democratic candidates, and either vote for a spoiler candidate or withhold their votes altogether. If progressives want to see another option in presidential elections, they need to do the hard work of building a brand, forming their own party, and laying the groundwork at every level (school board, city council, state assembly, state assembly… all the way up the ladder). It isn’t enough to simply show up for a few weeks every four years and throw a liberal candidate out there. Where elections are concerned, I agree that there are glaring problems (red drift is downright scary), but simply not participating in elections is a poor choice. That only gives right-wing extremists an even easier path to travel as they work to brainwash the electorate. If progressives simply disappear until any and all election problems are resolved, the American public will be brainwashed to a degree that will take generations to reverse (and let’s be honest, with nothing but the radical, modern-day GOP is charge, there will be no effort to repair our election process… it will actually get much worse). I too am disappointed with Obama, but if Mittens (yes, i did just use his nickname) gets elected, he will do harm to this nation on a scale that almost defies comprehension. We MUST stay engaged and fight for better options now and in the future.

  34. I know you respect Jesse Jackson. Do you think he isn’t supporting Obama with what’s at stake in this election? Your defiance, defensiveness against people expressing their opinions (not attacking you personally-IMHO), have really left me feeling sad about the path you are choosing.

  35. I believe there is much election fraud going on; one need only look to Waukesha County to know it. However, I am not willing to say that I am so sure that the vote will be rigged and that Obama will win that I would choose to not vote or vote for someone other than Obama. The Supreme Court will have much more power over the direction in which this country goes, for many more years, than the next president. I would never risk a Romney presidency, choosing the next 2-4 justices, because I didn’t “believe” my vote would count. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, but I won’t take that chance. Be careful you don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

  36. I can’t wait to read your blogs when things are 100 times worse cause romney won because people couldn’t vote for a man who accomplished something that had not been able to be done in 40 years and a man who at least has a heart. But go ahead and do what you think you have to do since you are going to have to live with the consequences longer than I will. And yes, there are big problems with how the voting is done now but the larger the turnout for one candidate makes it harder for the corporations to steal the vote, but go ahead since you seem to think things can’t get worse. We all have our lessons to learn.

  37. Heard the same thing from John Nichols as the sat talking with Neal Hienen and some evil republican hack on Channel 3 Sunday morning before the presidential election in 2000. According to Nichols, there was no difference between Gore and Bush.

    Who here believes Gore would have taken us into war either in Afganistan or Iraq? Who believes Gore would have denied global warming? Who believes Gore would have blown the surplus and plunged us into deep debt again?

    Yeah, Obama didn’t fulfill our wildest wet dreams. He did not turn out to be the savior from on high. We saw what happened when we sat on our hands in 2010 and got Walker because we were not impressed with Barrett.

    Perfection is the enemy of good. Get over it little one.

  38. Obama has attacked at least 6 countries … Bush 4. There has not been an end to Iraq or Afghanistan except in the mainstream media. The US is still there. Our troops are still there. The private contractors just expand their presence.

    Do you have any idea how many countries our special forces are in? Do you have any idea how many countries our drones are operating in. Probably not.

    Presidents do not rule. Multinational corporations do.

    Wake up people. Jesus.

  39. BTW, it is not either / or. Community organizing and collective action are important tools. Unions have become more democratic and progressive in the past twenty years because of active participation by their members. Another important tool we have control over is our own spending. BUY UNION, BUY LOCAL, BUY AMERICAN.

  40. You should always vote, if only to write in a candidate. Otherwise, they will consider you “apathetic” when, in fact, you are just the opposite. Somewhere in the 70’s (don’t remember which election) I wrote in Buckminster Fuller.

  41. I Suggest you Familiarize your Reality with The Quorum..One Hundred Years of Birth with Each Birth Year having a Point in The Quorum..

  42. The problem is this: “progressives” are intent upon saving capitalism from itself, whether they believe that’s what they’re doing or not. This is a direct impossibility. The people who they call “spoilers” are people who’ve made a direct break with the system and the presumption of both “republicans” and “democrats”. “Progressives” are the Second International of this day, although in fairness to that International, it at least maintained a base in the working class that gave it existence. “Progressives” believe they can continue to build a fighting political movement without a working class that understands the need for its own independent leadership, and “progressives” stand in the way of developing that leadership, many of them actively work to destroy the effort to built that movement by actively disparaging and destroying any effort it makes to place itself on the mainstream ballot. They believe they can contain a political system which, at every move at this point in its existence, demands first concessions to the market before it will consider needful social and ecological decisions. They believe they can contain a political system which insists on the primacy of the military in order to build its economy, and they believe they will remove the psychotics which they have unconsciously placed at the front of that system with a ballot by itself. “progessives” have long since abandoned the struggle for real community empowerment, as opposed to the shabby representation they receive from corporate entities like the “democratic” party. Most important, however, is their sanctimonious tendency to pronounce those who oppose them “purists” and “immature”, as their allies blithely burn the world down. Vote as you need to if you know what’s real, and ignore the party line believers. The stalinists of earlier periods passed from the scene, and so will they. They will of course bridle at this labeling of their poltics, but I say that there is no more fitting label to a political tendency that makes its piece with a state that has excused the destruction of Iraqi civil society, the slow torture of the people of Gaza, and the accelerated entrenchment of the privatizaton of the public sector that has happened since their house slave took office four years ago. They are neo-stalinists, they have the blood and the agony of hundreds of thousands of people on their hands through their political concessions, and they will never stop rationalizing their partyline insanity. Ignore them.

  43. If you vote- you matter.
    If you vote for a green party candidate- you vote against Romney and Obama.
    If you vote for Obama- you join others in blocking Romney.
    If you vote for Romney- then all the signs you’ve held up and photographed against austerity mean nothing

  44. Oh what either-or. Give it a rest. The struggle has already moved past your limited perspective, Hill. Stop trying to impose your partyline dogmas on it.

  45. I agree. Change is long overdue it’s just a matter of education. I personally support Jill Stein but any progressive candidate will and NO that is not Obama

  46. If you will feel pacified by voting for a D or R, and this will prevent you from standing up for what you believe it, by all means, don’t vote. But, for some reason, I don’t think that would be the case for you. Don’t forget that the Sufferage Amendment was voted on by state legislators, and that one single vote made the difference. Also, I don’t think that Eugene V. Debs would have suggested a boycott of elections, especially if half of the public is already doing so, probably without any political stance behind it. What harm is done by voting for the lesser of two evils and voicing your political philosophy during other occasions?

    • BatmanWI, yes….some people here don’t know how to f-ing read, nor do they f-ing comprehend the same……plus they are so entrenched in the mindset of “the lessor of the 2 evils”, that they cant see the forest from the trees….

    • Ian, that’s Precisely what they want….why do u think nothing ever changes? Answer: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results…oh btw that’s also called INSANITY!

  47. Dear Ian: Gee, I don’t know. What could possibly be wrong with allowing two dominant political factions whose first priority is the institutionalization of the wealth of a tiny minority of the world’s population continue to assert the rights of an entrenched oligarchy in a country which professes to uphold democratic purpose? Why not gracefully submit to such an order, which in the last ten years, has contributed to a massive wave of warfare in the Middle East and the dislocation and deaths of undreds of thousands of people? Why not surrender to an ideology which no longer recognizes the need for independent character within the public sector, as opposed to one which has to perennially beg for funds from the wealthier classes? Why not rubber stamp that and lend it further credibiility by not endangering the political fortunes of the “less” fraudulent of the two organizations? Why not focus solely on the perogatives of the invester classes, and denigrate the rights of people who have to work to put bread on their tables? Gee, I don’t know, Ian. Because to endorse such criminality with one’s ballot demonstrates an unwillingess to push politics beyond one’s comfort level, and just engage in talk shops or “philosophical” discussions? That’s why I’m not “voting for the lesser evil”, anyway. Just thought I’d answer your question.

    • I agree with Michael, well said. I occupy simply because I have had enough of this. My generation did not participate, nor generations before, in our government, and it is that apathy that led to this. The lesser of two evils right now, and then we continue the fight in a non-violent peaceful way. But, we must also look to ways to self-sustain, and look outside the box to figure out how to bring down the present system, and build up from the bottom. Iceland did it, and we can do it too. People all over the world are suffering worse than us, and some just the same, because we allowed a corrupt system to go unchallenged. to not vote let’s the system still go unchallenged. It is hard to be non-political, but putting that believe aside, I have to try and make my vote count, to at least give us a fighting chance against those that will wreck havoc on the poor and take care of the wealthy, at least those that do not try and hide their priorities.

  48. I for one am sick of the damnable extortion that the 2 parties have perpetrated on We The People. A two party domination is PRECISELY what the founders of our nation feared…look what’s been wrought! Corporations own and manipulate them, unlimited terms has made politicians rich, and croneyism is the way its done today. WHEN will it betime for a third party? When SMART people stand up, and stop being sheep cowering in fear because “oh no…for the next 4r years, some schmuck might get elected that we won’t like”…letws faceit…American politics is like Professional Wrestling, and Big business is Vince Mc Mahon….personally I am done watching the show…I have known its been fake and rigged for some time!

  49. @Evangeline: What a sad response you left. Very typical of the uninformed. Saying that someone who criticizes the president is just “complaining, complaining complaining”, without dealing with any facts or issues. You need to read and get informed, otherwise, you are not deserving of the right to vote that people died for you to have.

  50. It is certainly your right to vote however you chose, but you should know you come across as being very young and immature. It’s not a slam- most of were. Heck, I even voted for Nader! Back then I made all the same arguments as you, now I can look back and honestly say I was wrong.

  51. They do count people who don’t vote if you’re registered with a party. In 2008 I campaigned for Obama and was given a list of registered Democrats who hadn’t voted in the last two presidential elections. So the silence can be noticed.

  52. Pingback: Why I Won’t Be Voting in the Presidential Election | Jenna Pope

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