Not Giving Up on WI, Just Taking the Next Step in my Life

So, I’m sure many of you have heard that I’m moving to New York City in a couple of weeks. Now, I don’t want anybody out there thinking I’m giving up on Wisconsin, or anything like that. I’m simply taking the next big step in my life, and doing what I feel like I need to do at this point in time.

Wisconsin has been good to me for the last 21 years and 7 months of my life, and even through the struggles of the last year and a half, it hasn’t changed my opinion of my home state. In fact, it made me fall even more in love with Wisconsin. Seeing all of the people who stepped up and fought back when under attack was completely awe inspiring. It opened up my eyes, and helped me find my calling in life.

Although the outcome on June 5th may not have been what we had hoped it would be, it’s impossible for me to even consider calling it a failure. Us Wisconsinites have been through a lot together, and I could never, for a hundred million years, forget about that. From sleeping in the Capitol, to marching outside with 150,000 people, to the sing alongs every weekday for over a year, to getting arrested for exercising our First Amendment rights, to Walkerville and the senate recalls last summer, to collecting almost 1 million signatures for the recall of our governor, to the Overpass Light Brigade, to the hard work we all put in during the recall election. All of that is nothing short of a win in my book.

My move to NYC is not a “well, fuck Wisconsin” kind of a move. It’s an “okay, I worked my ass off in Wisconsin for the last year and a half, and now I’m ready to try a new route and use what I learned in Wisconsin elsewhere.” I will be going there to share stories from Wisconsin, and hopefully inspire people there. I’m also hoping to hear stories from NY, some of which I may share with you guys in hopes of inspiring you, as well. I will learn, I will teach, and I will continue to keep people updated on what I’m doing. I’ll be getting plugged back into the occupy movement (I was out at OWS last fall), and will be sharing stories, pictures, etc. Instead of hearing what’s going on out there from the corporate-run media, or from a random blogger you don’t know if you can trust – you’ll be hearing it and seeing pictures from me.

I also was offered the perfect job out in NYC. The job positions were set up specifically for struggling activists who need some extra cash. It will allow me the flexibility to be very involved with occupy (I choose when I work, and can work up to 5 days a week – or less), but also make enough money to get by. Plus, the job involves helping to recruit city employees into a union, which is something that I’m very interested in and passionate about.

So, what I’m trying to say is that I’m not giving up on Wisconsin – I’m just taking the same fight to another state. This is the next step in my fight against the injustices in this world.  And no matter where my life takes me from this point, I will never, ever forget all of you, and all that we have accomplished in our state. Thank you, Wisconsin, from the bottom of my heart. And please keep in touch 🙂

7 Comments on “Not Giving Up on WI, Just Taking the Next Step in my Life

  1. Our loss is our gain: we’ll miss you but we need you doing the work that motivates you most – that’s where you’ll be most effective and I don’t doubt the work you’ll do in NYC will benefit all of us. Looking forward to following your new chapter, and NOT looking forward to not seeing you around.

  2. It has been shouted from the Overpasses: “GET A JOB!” …oh, you just did that… okay. uh. er… then “GET A BETTER JOB!” (the ninja photography squad will miss you!)

  3. We’ll all be watching from home. With every new sucess, every time you stare down and stand up to the oppressors, we will be here, rooting for our warrior grrl. Justice is slow, but certain and the mighty shall fall. You are an inspiration. We know you are always Standing With Wisconsin. All the best to you.

  4. Good luck to you and glad you will be working on the union organizing. Tell us all you learn about what motivates people or should I say “what we can say to people” to get them to recommit to AFSCME here in WI.

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