The Zombie Apocalypse is Already Here

It’s becoming more and more apparent that we’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. They’re all around you. They’re your neighbors, your bartender, the teenage kid that bags your groceries at the supermarket down the street. Hell, even your parents or your kids may be zombies. They walk around, basically brain dead from all of the advertisements telling them to consume, consume, consume. They’re so caught up with finding the nearest Starbucks to purchase their Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino that they don’t even notice the homeless man sitting near the subway stop, asking for money so he can purchase the first meal he’s had in the past two days.

These zombies don’t care that our government is using their tax money to drop bombs on other countries and kill innocent civilians. They don’t care that legislation is being passed that not only allows, but actually encourages the destruction of our environment. They don’t care that education funding is being slashed in an attempt to keep future generations less educated and, therefore, more docile.

So, how do we deal with these zombies? You can’t just shoot ’em in the head…. Well, I s’pose you could, but I tend to stay away from promoting violence. Instead, you organize, mobilize, and get out there to educate them. That could mean something as simple as handing out flyers on the street, or something as big as a mass action to shut something down (a bank, a mountain top removal site) in order to bring awareness to a specific issue. Yes, many people still won’t listen. But, as long as we continue to educate and take action, there will be some who will take something away from it.

7 Comments on “The Zombie Apocalypse is Already Here

  1. Spot on Jenna. Thank you for telling it like it really is, I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I’m more than happy to mobilize and shut any of the above down and many others. I say we start with the frac mining shit going on here in WI.

  2. Very nicely written, Jenna. To say I agree with your views would be an understatement. Before I comment on the content of your blog, I do wish to encourage you to write more. Especially focus on describing exactly what you see around you there in NYC with commentary on how you feel about what you’re seeing. You express yourself well and you have a good eye for seeing the truth that is encapsulated in the “now”. You’re a good reporter. Keep it up.

    Now for the blog. I can almost feel your frustration in your description of the zombies. Some of the folks you see in line at Starbucks really are tuned out and don’t care about what happens around the world. But, I would venture to say that they are a minority. Most probably carry around inside themselve just as much angst as the most ardent activist. But, they have to make a living and they may not possess the tools for activism. Because they are immobile, doesn’t mean they enjoy it. Everyone worries.

    I was pleased to read the last line. It showed that you have the strength to stay positive and continue to work despite the zombie odds. Admire you for that! Peace.

    • Thanks Arvid for your kind and generous spirit in recognizing those of us (like myself) who “carry around inside themselves just as much angst as the most ardent activist, but have to make a living and may not possess the tools for activism.”

  3. the only thing I didn;t like about this was the line that you suppose you could shoot them in the head – what? a little too glib my dear. Otherwise it was right on! : )

  4. I/we could? No, I/we can’t (and won’t.) I appreciate that you went on to say that YOU won’t but I didn’t like your saying that WE could. Because we can’t. (It’s just NOT an option). Sorry, maybe it’s just petty semantics (?) but just that one line (of your otherwise truly excellent piece!) really bothers me. I have been giving this piece a lot of thought and I think it’s probably more accurate to say that most people are part zombie instead of full on zombie. But I agree with you 100% that the goal should be eliminating one’s inner zombie, as well as mobilizing to help others to eliminate their inner zombie. And thank you again for all of your selfless continuing efforts in that regard. : )

  5. And thanks a lot for writing this piece – it was the wake up call I really needed.

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