Help Me Improve my Citizen Journalism

As many of you know, I’m a poor, struggling activist who  has been getting by on very little money because I spend almost all of my time on the front lines of the fight for social and economic justice in America… and it doesn’t pay. I am extremely dedicated, passionate, and am doing everything I can to cover events through live updates, pictures, and other posts. Now that I’m living in NYC, there are a couple of needs I have in order to continue doing this to the best of my ability. All that I ask is that you consider helping me out if you enjoy seeing my updates, and are interested in making it easier for me to keep everybody informed of what is going on.

Since I am out and about for the whole day, and am usually on-the-go for 12-14 hours at a time, I often times without internet. It’s getting hard for me to post pictures, updates, and information as often as I would like. An easy way to fix that problem would be to get a wireless hotspot. That way I can connect to the internet no matter where I am at, even if I’m in the middle of a march or other event and have an important picture to post, etc. A CLEAR Spot Voyager would give me the ability to do that. It will cost $100 for the first month in order to purchase the device and get one month’s worth of internet, and then it will be $50 a month after that.

I also have been doing a lot of night photography since I’ve been here because a lot of actions are later in the evening, and both of the lenses I have for my camera are not very ideal for night photography. Yes, I have been able to get some decent nighttime shots, but it’s currently holding me back from getting certain shots, and getting quality shots other times. A Canon 55mm f/1.8 lens would make it easier for me to get good pictures at night, and it’s also a great all-around lens for a very cheap price (about $105) that also takes quality pictures.

If anybody out there is interested in helping me purchase these items so that I can better provide you with updates about what is happening in NYC, and wherever I’m at, it would be very, very much appreciated. You can donate here. If/when my funds get up to $100, I will first purchase the wireless hotspot because I believe that is the most important item for me to have. After that, if I receive enough money, I will also purchase the camera lens. Any money left over will go towards food, transportation, and other necessities that I have, since I’m just barely scraping by. None of the money will be wasted, and all of it will go towards helping me to help keep you informed. Thank you 🙂

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