Meet the RNC Police Force

These officers were responding to a short, peaceful, unpermitted march through the streets of Tampa today. They allowed us to finish the march, but once it was time to march back to the Romneyville, tons of riot cops were brought in. There was absolutely no reason for this sort of response.
The last photo in the album is of an arrest earlier in the day. The protestor was arrested simply for wearing a bandana (it’s illegal during the RNC), and multiple cops rammed into me with their bikes while I was taking pictures.

I am an independent activist/photojournalist, and I don’t get paid for what I do. If you enjoy getting my updates from the front lines, please consider donating to help out with food, transportation costs, and other necessities. You can donate here. Thank you.

4 Comments on “Meet the RNC Police Force

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  3. ” There was absolutely no reason for this sort of response”

    Yes there is, the powers that be are very frightened, they know the people have found them to be liars, thieves, and decievers and can not be trusted in any position of authority, they have been found out because their fruits stink of tyranny.

  4. Illegal to wear a bandana? Was it concealing his face? … like old timey movie bank robbers? or just tied around his head like sweat band, or his neck, or held in his hand to catch a sneeze? Bandanas illegal does seem peculiar. Granny

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