DNC Delegate Leaves Party, Joins Occupy After Forced Vote at Convention

The Democrats decided to try to reinsert “God” and “Jerusalem” back into their platform with a voice vote during the DNC. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the convention chairman, asked for approval from the delegates, but was met with strong opposition. After asking three separate times, and still not receiving enough approval from the delegates, he still determined that those present had voted in favor.

For Daniel McKenzie, a young delegate from Minneapolis, this was the breaking point. He got up, left the convention, and came to find us protestors, who were in Marshal Park at the time. Once at the park, he did a mic check to tell all of us what had happened, and  that he did not approve of it. He then told us that he was leaving the Democratic Party, and instead would be joining the Occupy movement. This was the point where he realized neither party was actually acting as a voice for the people, and that instead he needed to take to the streets with rest of us to voice our opposition to the corrupt system.

He joined us on our march on the DNC through the streets of downtown Charlotte, still wearing the suit and tie he had on for the convention.

Here is the video of his mic check at Marshal Park:

68 Comments on “DNC Delegate Leaves Party, Joins Occupy After Forced Vote at Convention

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  2. I understand —- but why would you want to throw this election to Romney. that’s stupid and elfish. We will ALL suffer. Are you trying to rush the coming revolt? that’s the only motive I can think of and it’s selfish. Many will suffer and die for many years before we achieve the level of justice we might achieve much sooner working in the system.

    • yes Larry, I understand your point. I too am very disgusted by our unwaivering support both politically and, no need to point out, financially. It is disillusioning that this is the issue that both parties stand firm on. It’s unfortunate we do not have a viable option for a candidate who shares our values on this. But when it comes down to it, the Democrats will do a number of unquestionably important things, or at least fight for, that the Republicans will not- (gay rights, women’s rt to choose, preservation of medicare, fair pay for women, continued education aid, rid the bush tax cuts, regulations on the banks, etc,) We are in a strange position because We have been so disappointed and frustrated but also understand that unity is critical. This election is way too close for comfort. There is a real possibility of Romney taking office, and the only slight silver lining is that no one will be able to argue that citizens united, filthy rich individuals and big corporate money did not have an impact. So, I agree seems somewhat self-righteous, pointless and moot to not vote for Obama out of principal on one or two issues. Americans need to stand together against Romney and the neo-cons or they will be dictating our relations with Israel and far more. As for the “God” thing, get over it. I’m no christian but frankly that should not take precedence and certainly nothing to waste a vote over.

      • and i was referring to our unwavering support to the state of Israel, if that was unclear.

    • Were you opposed to the policies of the Bush regime? Did you used to think critically and attend anti- war protests but now find yourself justifying Barack Obama’s wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

      Are you unsatisfied with Obama but stay with him out of fear of Mitt Romney becoming president? If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you are probably in a self-destructive relationship with the Democratic Party.

      If somebody you love is addicted to the “lesser” of two evils, please refer them to the following 12 step program.

      1. Admit you are in a self-destructive relationship with the Democratic Party.

      2. Remove conflicting bumper stickers from your collection. “Shut Down Guantanamo” and “Obama 2012” are mutually exclusive.

      3. Understand that kill lists and more unjust war is the wrong kind of change to believe in.

      4. Stop lying to yourself. The President is not sucking up to the most powerful interests in the world because he loves you.

      5. Cut off all contact with Obama, Holder, Clinton and Pelosi. No more phone calls or writing letters. They are aware of what they are doing and they just don’t care what you think.

      6. Realize Obama is standing up and fighting. Unfortunately, he’s fighting Afghans, Pakistanis, Yeminis, Somalis”in your name.

      7. No more excuses. The Republicans are not making Democrats increase domestic spying or deport record numbers of Latinos.

      8. Get over your romantic feelings for Democrats and their supposed commitment to poor people. This election cycle, poverty is not on the agenda.

      9. Make a list of all war crimes committed under Bush. Cross out “Bush” and write in Obama. Add support for indefinite detention without charge, expanded drone wars, and invasions of two more countries. It’s healthy to gag at it.

      10. Come to grips with this: The only thing scarier than the Republican Party ( a party full of climate-change deniers, fundamentalist woman-haters and gay-bashers, election stealers and racists ) is a party who continually moves to the right to accommodate them and gets Americans to go along in that direction.

      11. Forgive yourself for being taken in by promises that were not delivered, and for ignoring troubling signs, because you wanted to believe in change. But remember, insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

      12. As a result of these steps, you can now carry the message to those who still suffer from an addiction to the Democratic Party. Nothing is as liberating as resisting an evil when you know it’s wrong.


      • RE: 12 step program to get off the DEM party..
        Are you serious.. Not voting for DEM, is a vote for the REP front runner romney..
        I fought with myself over this, because as a liberal Im pissed with obama too (since he is half conservative).. I was amazed reagan didnt wake up the voters, Then BUSH2 came along, and still had strong support (how is this possible I still ask myself).. But I see these people at work, and even some of my family want to vote REP.. Obviously its corporate money (telling lies often enough and loud enough that people believe the lies).. Ive come to the conclusion it would have to get as bad as nazi germany before people voting REP would start to figure it out, so we might as well vote for the lesser of two evils (and dont kid yourself, there is a hell of a big difference bt obama, and republicans)..

      • I used to seriously ponder a large scale revolt was the answer.. I then realized it would have to get as had as nazi germany before enough people would start to wake up.. And even then, corporate stock piles of money in off shore accounts would put them firmly in control when the ashes settle.. Yes, this is a cyclic thing (after the great depression they created the game of monopoly to tech people what happens when business are deregulated, in hopes it would never happen again).. I believe a better plan is to not throw the baby out with the bath water, and try to support real grass roots democrats, then support them again during the primaries to get them on the ballot.. You are fighting reactive instead of proactive (thats not smarter)..

  3. Well what did he have issue with? I watched the vote and though it was close, I would say the opposition sounded like 1/2 and the affirmative sounded like 2/3.

  4. I am not religious (in any organized sense), though I believe there is some broad, general kind of ‘higher power’. But if simple words like “God” and “Jerusalem” are sooooooo offensive to this delegate’s delicate sensibilities, I say good riddance. Supposedly, being tolerant of other’s beliefs, religions, and viewpoints is a good thing. What a shame this delegate has no ability to be so. Poor poor baby.

    • Uhh a forced vote isn’t about tolerance you dumbass. If you’re so concerned about tolerance, how bout we force all delegates to talk about Shiva the Destructor, and him coming to create a New New Delhi? I doubt this, or any other non-judeaochristian beliefs were mentioned. Furthermore, its subtle references with US’s policies toward Israel, is ridiculous.

  5. This is about freedom of religion.. The GOP is trying to change America into a theocracy.. Freedom, or theocracy? You cant have it both ways..

  6. Yes, stand up for what is important, however I don’t understand LEAVING the party because of the bad decision of one man. You don’t leave because you don’t like it – you stay and change it. This is a two party race at this time, if we bail on the Democrats, we are screwed!

    • The way the vote was pushed through is common during the DNC. He was sick of it being that way, and this was the breaking point.

  7. see this: http://www.filmsforaction.org/News/Barack_Obama_VS_Those_Craaaazy_Republicans_Is_He_the_Lesser_Evil_or_the_More_Effective_Evil

    “In the words of economist and financial historian Michael Hudson, the job of corporate American politicians is not to enact the policies their voters want. The corporate politician’s job is to deliver those voters, those constituencies to their campaign contributors, so they can enact the policies their financiers desire. The fact therefore, that Democrats compared to Republicans, and sometimes even Democrats compared to other Democrats appeal to varied groups of voters accounts for why they sound different from each other. But the fact that they all depend on the same class of wealthy corporations and individuals to finance their political careers means that no matter what they tell their voters, the policies they enact once in office are pretty much the same.

    This accounts for the fact that although the Democratic presidential candidate won his nomination by telling voters he opposed the war in Iraq, by the time he sewed up that nomination, he was appearing on the Bill O’Reilly show to praise the war in Iraq and endorse the Cheney-Bush “surge”. It explains why candidate Obama, after promising (but mostly only before labor audiences) to renegotiate NAFTA, walk a picket line and pass legislation that would make more unionization possible, president Obama pushed to extend “free trade” agreements everywhere, cracked down on federal workers, demonized teacher unions and more. It explains why Obama literally claims to walk in Martin Luther King’s footsteps when it suits him — on the campaign trail he declared himself “Joshua” to Dr. King’s “Moses” — but manages to ignore black unemployment and mass incarceration, the wave of foreclosures which are inordinately concentrated among nonwhite households, and maintains the US position as in King’s words “…the number one purveyor of violence in the world today.”

  8. The Wiccan Law of Do What You Will Harm None so applies here. Although, while the guy did what he had to do by leaving at the time, I doubt this is his only concern. For, while I am still voting against Romney – there are a # of reasons that even tho I am happy with the progress Obama has made I’m def. voting against Romney rather than for anyone this round.

  9. ppl missed a clear sentence.
    he isnt anti-christian but americans long ago voted to remove the church from the government becuase the church is not democratic.its got its unwavering laws such as no gays.it would completly tramp apon alot of ppls rights and ways of life.like it did so in the past.and his entire teams vote was forged-is that the kinda progress we want?
    walking out on the party was yes a hotheaded thing todo,but also realise that those of true justice have the steepest uphill battle to fight if they are going to get to a position where we as true americans can stand and finally start to make a real difference.the power of an organized gang of politicals is hard to face when you dont know who to trust.
    look at Castro..the people cheered him-than came to hate him.

  10. Every single delegate who saw their vote ignored should have walked out. It wasn’t a “bad decision” of one man, the vote as well as the entire convention was entirely scripted – the whole 2 year “election” cycle is a complete sham just to keep the illusion that we still live in a democracy (if we ever really had one) and to keep the little people, or, as Rahm Emanuel put it with no disagreement from Obama, the “retards”, distracted while they continue to wreck havoc on the world and rob us blind. Much to my surprise a Fox news station ran a story about how both the republican and democratic conventions were entirely scripted http://www.fox19.com/story/19479204/reality-check-dnc-runs-over-delegates-with-scripted-platform-vote and he says when the voices of the delegates are ignored then it is not a convention but a coronation.
    And I think the comment about a show death with dems in power is very off the mark as it is much easier for dems to make cuts to social safety nets as there is little or no opposition by the dems in congress and no masses in the streets http://blackagendareport.com/content/obamas-second-term-agenda-cutting-social-security-medicare-andor-medicaid
    As I said, the “election” is a fake as it has been for years and our whole system of governance is completely broken. We need systemic change – how is what we should be focusing on instead of taking part in their game and playing by their rules.

  11. I cannot find any mention of this delegate in the Minnesota papers. You would think it would be there. I am beginning to think this was a stunt. Prove me wrong – Please.

  12. This was scripted, you can tell. Who walks out of something like that and then takes the time to write down his convictions so he can convey them…its still brewing in his head. He really had to read that little thing he said from paper, I don’t buy that for one sec! Normally when a group of strangers band together and holler in support of him and then say he is now one of them…he would have atleast smiled out of being accepted by the group but he is not becasue he was prepped for this staged event to try and show support and gain by the crappy occupy movement.

    • I was there, and it definitely wasn’t scripted. He had written it down on a few small pieces of scrap paper that he could find with a blue marker. I could tell he had just quickly written down a few points so that he wouldn’t forget what he wanted to say.

  13. The “Democratic” and “Republican” parties do not implement democracy internally to themselves, therefore they must not want a democratic republic for US citizens.

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  16. I am from Minnesota and I can tell you- if the media did not report it, it is probably true.

    Glad this young man developed the courage and integrity to walk out and do what was right.
    People are waking up.

    Michael Cavlan
    Candidate US Senate 2012
    Minnesota Open Progressives

    • “doing whats right”
      Doing whats wrong is more like it..

      Conservatives try to frame it like Democrats hate god, which is pretty stupid (since almost DEM’s are Christians).. Apparently smarter Christians, doing what is right (defending religious freedom)..

      Freedom, or theocracy? You cant have it both ways.. The GOP is trying to change America into a theocracy (I dont want the DEM party to join the GOP in destroying freedom of religion)..

      There is a tremendous difference bt obama and romney:


  17. What’s so great about the Democratic Party? I’m a consistent life ethic advocate. I oppose war, euthanasia, abortion, and the death penalty. Obama supports all these things. Who cares if he loses the election?

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  19. WTH.? Occupy now sounds like AA…12 Steps? Come On, children, get real! If Romney gets in, you can kiss the Social Security and Medicare that you have been paying for, that I have been paying for and now depend on, then I will make it a point to let the world know it was because “Occupy” threw a little hissy fit in Charlotte. Grow UP!

    • We can restore Social Security and Medicare once we have expelled the fascists from power. Preventing torture and murder by US officials, and restoring civil liberties, are of more immediate importance. Is your personal comfort more important than the question of whether your government engages in torture and aggressive war or not? (both of those crimes having been prosecuted in the Nürnberger Trials; they’re that important and shocking)

      http://wp.me/p23U97-5V Not all political questions are equal

      http://wp.me/p23U97-5L All those things we were supposed to avoid by keeping quiet

      http://wp.me/p23U97-75 Path Out of Fascism for US Citizens

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  21. Looks like both the DNC and GOP are trying to disenfranchise their supporters.
    There is always room for ANYONE in the Libertarian Party.

  22. The distain I see for government although understandable is still disconcerting. You can choose to not exercise your right to vote as a form of protest…or as a result of your profound disappointment and disillusionment…but none of us gets the choice for NO president. Someone will be elected. Someone will sit in the White House and champion policy that will inevitably affect your life, the lives of your loved ones. And if you don’t show up to vote–EVEN FOR THE LESSER EVIL–rest assured someone who feels and thinks and looks very differently from you will show up and make that vote for you.

    • Not voting for obama is a vote for romney.. It is as simple as that.. So before we go down the road of not voting obama, ask yourself if you would rather get romney..

      I sometimes wonder if it is really conservatives (pretending to be liberals) fighting so hard to take away votes for obama (since we know conservatives have no problem with dishonesty)..

      We liberals are fighting dumber, not smarter.. We liberals are too idealistic and reactive in our fight.. To get on top of things we liberals should “””proactively””” assert our resources into grass roots support of real liberal democrat candidates.. And and then assert ourselves in the next primaries, to get these grass roots get “real” democrats on the ballot..

      • Not voting for Obama is not voting for Obama. If I wanted to vote for Romney, I would vote for Romney. Instead, I choose to vote for neither.

      • Just because there’s a difference between them, it doesn’t mean that I HAVE to like one or the other. It’s like saying that if I don’t like coke, then I must like pepsi, or vice versa. I don’t like EITHER of them.

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  24. devil followers. you are doing exactly what the devil wants you to do. Blaming each party .
    Everybody is not perfect. Looking for guidance from the government is not the answer. We all
    need to start praying to god for guidance. That is why there is a lot of evil going on. Stop, think, and pray with your heart not just your mouth. Listen to God’s words within your heart
    and that is when you will do what needs to be done.

  25. If you care what happens to seniors, the disabled, and poor children, get out and VOTE. If you believe a woman should have the right to decide what to do with her own body, that becoming pregnant doesn’t rob a woman of the right of self-determination, get out and VOTE. If you think gays are people too, and shouldn’t be forced into the waiting room when their loved ones are ill, get out and VOTE. If you believe that a medical emergency shouldn’t bankrupt people, get out and VOTE. Don’t give me this “all politicians are the same” shit. I’m not buying that cop-out and neither should you.

    • Thank you kal,
      This is why I say the people who try to say politicians are all the same, are really conservatives trying to stop people from voting for obama.. Nothing else makes sense.. Only the dark side thinks its OK to give all the money to the rick, and let everything else go to hell.. I dont know where the disconnect it, because I dont believe people are that evil.. It must be all the corporate propaganda out there (because conservatives have different facts, and thats not possible)..

    • It is not the case that all politicians are the same. Jill Stein is not fascist. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are. So everyone should vote for a politician who is not fascist.

      • This argument is going in circles.. “””Dont vote obama bc he is a fascist.””” Well we just laid out the huge obvious difference b/t obama and romney.. And not voting for obama helps romney win.. There is no getting around that..

      • For how long do you intend to fall for “good cop, bad cop”? Your logic goes on forever and it goes to the right without limit.

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