Frankenstorm in Manhattan

Below are some photos I took in NYC during hurricane Sandy, and the day after the storm, and here are some links to find out how you can help:

How To Help New York City After Hurricane Sandy

West Side Highway, near Church St turned into a river, complete with rapids.

A lock on a ferry entrance in Manhattan.

A crane that’s starting to come down in NYC at 57th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue.

Water rushing over my feet in Battery Park. The water came in so quickly. When we first got to this spot, it wasn’t coming over the ledge at all, but within 10 minutes, it was completely covering my feet.

Lady standing on a downed tree near Central Park

Looking across the NY Harbor towards New Jersey

Joggers on FDR Drive, which was closed to vehicle traffic.

Sandbags in lower Manhattan.

Pedestrians walking around large debris that had fallen off of a building near Columbus Circle.

Battery Park flooding. This photo was taken about 15 minutes after we arrived at this spot, and when we first got there, it wasn’t flooding at all.

Here are photos from the day after the storm:

A street in Manhattan somewhere is missing its stop sign.

People in line to fill buckets with water out of a water bubbler near Cherry St and Market St in the Lower East side of Manhattan. The residents in the buildings in that area do not have running water. They also do not have power. Check out this website if you would like to help them out:

Lower Manhattan is in the dark because of the power outages. The only lights in this photo are from cars driving down Broadway Ave.

Huge tree down in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Debris strewn across a street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan after the area flooded from Hurricane Sandy.

Water pumping out of a flooded basement in the Lower East Side of Manhattan today. Residents in the area are without power and running water.

Looking through the window of a store on Avenue C in Manhattan that had flooded from Hurricane Sandy. There was still some standing water on the floor, and boxes of food were all over the floor from when the water was higher

Debris on the road in lower Manhattan that had been swept up by flood water the night before.

Closed sign on a store in lower Manhattan.

A car crushed by a tree in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan is dark, yet the NYSE is brightly lit, after hospitals were evacuated because their generators ran out.

Pretty ironic photo – Looking through the window of a store that was flooded on the Lower East Side of Manhattan during hurricane Sandy. A wet shirt is hanging over letters that spell out “dry.”

Most shops were closed today in lower Manhattan due to storm damage and power outages. But, some businesses brought their much needed items out to the sidewalks to sell to people, such as batteries, flashlights, and candles.

Police tape littered the ground all over Manhattan. It was put up before the storm in some places in an attempt to keep people out of flood zones.

Debris on the road in lower Manhattan that had been swept up by flood water the night before.

Pumping water out of a basement in lower Manhattan.

Beautiful sky the day after the storm.

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