Coney Island – 11 Days After Sandy

Tonight, I honestly don’t know what to write. Different place. More devastation. More suffering. Many still without power and running water. I’m speechless.

Check out my photos below. If it breaks your heart, then go to to find out how you can help with the hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

As I walked along the beach in Sea Gate, Coney Island today, I couldn’t help but think how post-apocalyptic it looked with debris everywhere and chunks of homes missing. Although I’ve been to areas that were hit much harder, this place definitely has the most eerie feel to it.

A sign on a school in Coney Island that is still closed after hurricane Sandy.

A tattered American flag flying next to a home that was destroyed in Sea Gate, Coney Island.

I ran into a couple of Occupy Sandy volunteers who were serving hot soup out of the trunk of their car on Surf Avenue.

A car stuck in a pile of sand that was washed ashore in Coney Island during hurricane Sandy.

A swing set that is now surrounded by debris.

A bike that was swallowed up by the sand.

Homes destroyed.

This is all that was left of one home in Sea Gate, Coney Island.

Standing on the beach in Sea Gate, Coney Island tonight, watching the sun setting over the ocean, as homes stood in ruins behind me. It was an oddly beautiful scene amongst so much destruction.

4 Comments on “Coney Island – 11 Days After Sandy

  1. Found this link on Democratic Underground. Very nice work! I love the swingset. It conveys a real sense of hope for the future.
    -Best Regards
    Sonora, CA

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