Rockaways – 21 Days After Sandy

Today I went to the Rockaways in NYC for the second time since hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. The last time I went out there, I was with my friends from Occupy Astoria, and was helping them deliver a bunch of supplies out there. This time around I was able to spend more time capturing the widespread destruction, and the volunteer services set up in the area. I realized that the Rockaways is the hardest hit area I’ve been to so far – from the major flood damage to much of the peninsula, to the homes that burned down in Breezy Point (which I posted about a few days ago), to the outright destruction of many of the homes on the coastline. Check out my photos from today, and click here to find out how you can help with the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

4 Comments on “Rockaways – 21 Days After Sandy

  1. Wow you are a brilliant photographer – this breaks my heart. We don’t get coverage up here in Canada – not real coverage like this, thanks for sharing this…and breaking my heart…and making it real for me a million miles away…

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