Leaderless Movement Lacking Specific Demands FTW!

So, I was reading this super shitty article, from my home state of Wisconsin, about the Solidarity Singers, whom I know and love dearly, and was completely caught off-guard when I read ONE paragraph about the occupy movement in there:

“That’s what happened with the Occupy movement, which grew out of anger at Wall Street and a financial system perceived to favor the richest 1%. The movement grew too large too quickly for organizers to keep up. Without leaders or specific demands, it eroded into an amorphous protest against everything wrong with the world and eventually fell apart.”

Uhm, they’re saying the problem with the occupy movement is that there’s no clear leaders or demands? Actually, that’s one of the best parts about it! It’s this awesome, organic, ever-changing movement that can involve anybody and everybody who wants to fight for social and economic justice. If there were clear leaders, then they may not do what the majority of people want. If there were specific demands, then people who aren’t extremely passionate about those demands may feel left out. A leaderless movement lacking specific demands is exactly what we need right now.

Just look at Occupy Sandy Relief – In many areas, occupiers were the FIRST responders. Even more than a week after the hurricane, I was in a neighborhood in the Rockaways, and they told us we were the first people they had seen. This is because we don’t deal with the top-down bureaucratic bullshit that the organizations also responding to the hurricane have to deal with. Instead of taking time bickering over who should lead what, or which goal or demand is better – we just DO stuff. We each take charge as individuals and do what we can to make this world a better place.

2 Comments on “Leaderless Movement Lacking Specific Demands FTW!

  1. Well done. I think since the mass media have decided the Occupy movement is no longer newsworthy, they are ignoring it, which means in a lot of people’s minds it has ceased to exist. Which, of course, it hasn’t. Thanks for the good work you lot are doing, at least somebody cares enough to act.

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