Idle No More – Border Blockade

Today I marched with about 1,000 other people across the Seaway International Bridge from the U.S. to Canada as a part of the Idle No More movement in order to block traffic between the two countries. Click here to find out more about Idle No More.

Below are some of my photos:
















I do also want to note that US border patrol tried to keep at least three photographers from even going onto the bridge with the Idle No More march today, including myself. We didn’t have to go through customs until we reached the other side of the bridge, but they grabbed us and told us we couldn’t cross the bridge because we’re photographers. I took this photo of border patrol grabbing at another photographer’s camera as they were grabbing at my arm and trying to push me off the bridge. In the end, others with the march surrounded us and told border patrol that we were coming with them, and border patrol finally gave up and let us cross. The sign that’s in the photo says “They carry peace.”


5 Comments on “Idle No More – Border Blockade

  1. I would add to your blog the info from your FB post that US border patrol had allowed other photographers through who were not “with” the protest to photograph the event; this is really important info bc it eliminates any later claim by US border patrol that the reason they were trying to prevent you from going through was for the sake of national secutiy and protecting the security of the border crossing.

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