7 replies on “Turkish Police Attack Gezi Park – 6/15/13

  1. You guys see the situation but this PM is still avoiding to see what protestors want. Creating divergence inside the community. We can’t stop this dope head. Need help from the world.


  2. To the turkish police! Please start to remember that you too are human, you too are Turks and you too want to preserve your personal freedom. Stop following orders like Hilterjungen. Start to think for yourself!


  3. Thanks for your amazing coverage of the protests in Istanbul. Your captivating pictures make it much easier to spread to word on what’s going on. Keep up the good work!


  4. This is close to a book Jenna- compile your photos and media feeds day by day in Taksim and you’ve got one- important to let the world know, there’s been minute coverage in US mainstream. Bravo.


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