My Home is in The Resistance.

I’m an activist, a freelance photographer, and I travel… A lot.

My apartment is in New York City, but I’m rarely there. My belongings are in my apartment, although most of it goes untouched. I mostly live out of a backpack and go wherever my heart takes me, wherever I feel like my camera is needed. Sometimes it’s a short bus ride across state lines, other times it’s a long plane ride across several time zones. When people ask where I live, I hesitate. I’m mostly just paying for a place to store my belongings, a place to sleep few nights a month while I’m in transition between trips.

Because of this, I don’t really have one location I feel comfortable calling home. I guess I am at home wherever I’m at. A week ago, my home was in Turkey. Today, my home is in NYC. Two days from now, my home will be in Wisconsin. After that, I’m unsure of where I’ll call home.

Almost everything in my life is unpredictable, unstable. The only constant is the resistance. The resistance of inequality and injustice, and the beautiful people who are a part of it.

I feel at home, no matter where I’m at, as long as I am a part of this resistance.


11 Comments on “My Home is in The Resistance.

  1. Reblogged this on bearspawprint and commented:
    This courageous young lady had been there. With magnificent photographs to witness what really happened, she shares her vision. From Occupy to Istanbul, to resistance everywhere. Jenna Pope. —- When ever you visit her blog you will learn something. —- Bear

  2. Reblogged this on Awakestate and commented:
    I absolutely love this short post.. “My Home Is In The Resistance”

  3. Amazing you are! Watch out you naughty Elite’s – “The One People Are Coming” and they have Jenna..

  4. your photos are Wonderfully evocative, as ever! i share your work wherever i can… stay safe in your travels, jenna… we need your Clear Vision and Heart!

  5. Really hope one day we will have you here in Sicily (Italy) for No Muos resistance. Stay strong, brave lady. Diren! 😉

  6. The only constant is the resistance…change…and how unrelentingly inspiring you are. Hope you are well. xo (p.s.: you are absolutely correct that “home” is wherever YOU are, no matter where that happens to be in the world. Everything else is just “storage.”

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