Veterans Arrested While Honoring Fallen Soldiers

On the 12 year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, 12 veterans and several supporters were arrested for staying in the NYC Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza after the 10pm closing time because they were still reading off the names of fallen soldiers and victims of war:




View more of my photos here on The Real News Network: Veterans Arrested at NYC Memorial to Mark 12 Years of War in Afghanistan

2 Comments on “Veterans Arrested While Honoring Fallen Soldiers

  1. excellent and makes my blood boil. i have been screaming “no more war” for 46 years and these bastards act just as fascist as they did in the 60’s towards soldiers and the entire anti-war movement. If I was as old as my grandparents I’d have done it then. Nothing is worse than these wars, all for greed and power. And built on LIES by the same people, over and over and over.

    Thanks, Jenna.


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