The US Government Doesn’t Give a FUCK About You

Focused on the upcoming food stamp cuts, with three versions, depending on how much convincing you need.

Long version: For those of you who still think that the US government cares about us at all, there is no need to look further than the upcoming food stamp cuts to realize they actually don’t give the slightest fuck about us. Our government is run by corporations and the wealthy elite. All they care about is making a profit, so this creates wage-slavery, which also creates the need for families to receive assistance from the government to survive – assistance such as food stamps.
The government then cuts these services, all while continuing to give handouts to the corporations who have created the crisis in the first place. There’s no better way to say, “I don’t give a fuck about you,” than to give money to the rich fuckers who are paying you shit wages, while drastically reducing any assistance that was helping you put food on the table – food that you likely wouldn’t be able to afford without the assistance.

Short version: The US government (corporations) create the need for assistance through wage-slavery. They provide some assistance, then make cuts to those services. They leave millions of people hungry while continuing to give handouts to the corporations. The government doesn’t give a fuck about you.

Shortest version: The US government doesn’t give a fuck about you.

5 Comments on “The US Government Doesn’t Give a FUCK About You

  1. Love your country – but never trust your disease-minded and corrupted politicians!

    Absolute disdain for B. Hussein! Worthless motherfucker!

  2. I served my country.I am retired now but I will always be an Army Ranger.I was discharged bcuz I made a moral decision to not fire on women and children.I get no benefits and that’s fine.I am disgusted with this shit..Honesty..who can trust a nation that has somebody videotape the murder of one of its greatest presidents?

  3. I have been harassed , abused my rights by the government for a long time, but I cannot find justice for myself. The government do not let me live in my own life, they force me to do the things I do not want and to get along with people I do not like. Before continue what are happening now. I post again this letter which I sent to the ACLU of Washington State in Seattle, Washington in around 2009, so you can follow the whole story.



    705 SECOND AVENUE #310, SEATTLE, WA 98104

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have to write this letter by hand writing because my computer is controlled. The information which I send to you is not secret because many people know; many people join this dirty game. For over six year, I have not seen justice in this country, no state law, no human right in this country.

    If you are, people in the American Civil Liberties Union always fight for justice of human; you should investigate this matter and stop it. Just do the right things as the purpose of this organization.

    I will provide the information in order of time from the beginning to present, the level of harassment from low to high of the government agency.

    First, people around me such as neighbors, acquaintances… told me to join some groups of Vietnamese community, or to do the things that I do not want to do. I refused to do all these requests, so then harassment increasing with time.

    It started in the year of 2003 I was living in the condominium at 4300 NE, Sunset Blvd # F8, Renton, WA 98059. I have been bothered for a long time by anonymous phone calls, irrespective day or night, everyday, just asking some certain names, or impolite talking. I filed a complaint to the Renton police department, but the Renton police did not take any action on this problem. Later I found out from the police that one phone call was from a Vietnamese man who was the insurance agent of mine. Few months later, he moved to California

    Next, a new Vietnamese neighbor moved in unit F1 which was behind the wall of my bedroom. He bothered me by loudly noise and tried to get my attention by doing car wash in my parking lot, standing before me… And at the same time I began to receive a lot of junk mails, everyday with the receiver’s name was Phong Nguyen. Nobody was in my unit having name Phong Nguyen. It was a huge amount of junk mails until the day I moved out of the condo in January 2005.

    Also during that time, when I got home late in the evening, usually someone parked a car in my parking lot. This problem had never happened before.

    One day the food waste disposer did not work. I called many people to hire them to fix it, but all of them refused to do. Later I asked the right man that the government agency wanted him to do for me, so he came to fix quickly. I can give you his name, phone number.

    They did spot jamming on the TV channel, while this problem did not happen in other units.

    In January 2005 I moved to the new house at 2407 Camas Ave NE, Renton, WA 98056. I still received the junk mails of the receiver’s name Phong Nguyen at this new address. One day I received a cell phone bill from Sprint company for Phong Nguyen at my new address on the Camas Ave. I called the phone number which was on the phone bill of Sprint company. People did not want to talk with me, they let me waited for long time then disconnected the line. I had to call many times until they talked to me. I warned them that I did not know who was Phong Nguyen, if I still received the bill of Phong Nguyen at my address, I would file a complaint to the District Attorney. After that they stopped to harass by mail.

    The Vietnamese man next to my door bothered me terribly. Besides making noise, he always stayed before me to do provocative actions every time I came out. I could not bear it anymore, so I had to move to other place within less than two years living on the Camas Avenue.

    In October 2006 I moved to the new house at 4005 NE 21 street, Renton, WA 98056. Since then I have been harassing more and more, at home or everywhere else by any people I contacted or talked. The information I provide below which is followed by the company or individual name.

    Qwest services: Home telephone, cell phone, internet, digital TV (Direct TV); P.O. Box 2678, Omaha NE 68103; 1(800) 244 1111

    *Home telephone: Just few months after I moved in the new home, the home phone line did not work. I had to pay for the technician of Qwest to get in to fix it. From then on the phone line was controlled. If I called law offices, ACLU, or other people to get legal help the phone line was very noisy, or I could not hear people were on the phone line with me.

    *Internet: The wall jack in the computer room works or does not work, it depends on the government agency. If I searched for the legal service, the internet would not work. One time, I had to call the Qwest Internet 24 hours Service for the whole night because they hung up or did not answer the phone.

    *Cell phone: Qwest and Verizon Wireless cheating me by informed me that Qwest and Verizon Wireless work together, so I could renew the contract either with Qwest or Verizon Wireless, and the bill statement would be the same. After renewed the contract with Verizon Wireless location at Southcenter Mall, Verizon Wireless sent the bill statement is higher amount than Qwest was. I canceled the service and agreed to pay one hundred seventy five dollar for early end contract, but they kept sending the wrong bill statement again and again. Now they put my account in collection

    *Television: Not often but sometimes they changed the program on the TV. For example, instead of movie was on the channel 254, but it was some advertising program on it. Or they posted some note on the corner of the TV.

    Medical doctors:
    *David Santos, M.D.: 9412 SW 43rd street, suite 110, Renton, WA 98057; (425) 227 4000

    Doctor Santos did the nose surgery for me in October 2005. Few days after the surgery my nose bled a lot, I had to go to the emergency room at night.

    In October 2008 I paid him 4200 dollar for the cosmetic surgery to take the fat on the upper and lower eyes. He did twice.

    The first time, after the surgery he did not take the stitch on my eyes, the receptionist told me to go to the emergency room. I paid 100 dollar, but the doctor at the emergency room at Valley Medical Center Hospital did not take the stitch out and told me to go back to Doctor Santos. Next day, I paid another 100 dollar for other Doctor at other clinic to take the stitch out.

    The second time, in February 2009 Doctor Santos did the eyes surgery again, and my eye bled.

    ==>The fact is he did not do the job; he did not take the fat on the upper and lower eyes on both surgeries.

    *Anna A. Danieli, D.D.S., Patrick L. McKenzie, D.D.S.: 1900 S. Puget Drive Suite 102, Renton, WA 98055; (425) 228 1521

    *David Ford, D.D.S.: 601 S. Carr Road, Suite 400, Renton, WA 98055; (425) 277 0125

    *Andrew Johnson, D.D.S.: 601 S. Carr Road, Suite 350, Renton, WA 98055; (425) 227 3368

    All the dentists above advised me to extract one tooth, and Doctor Ford extracted it.

    ==>Later I found out that I had a wrong tooth extraction.

    Doctor McKenzie and Doctor Danieli are husband and wife, they worked together at the same office. On the last visit they let one Vietnamese woman I had never seen her before to clean my teeth perfunctorily, and this woman decided my five teeth needed the filling. It would cost over two thousand dollar. Then this woman let a Korean man I had never seen him before to exam my teeth very perfunctorily, and this man offered to do the implant surgery where the tooth had been extracted, the surgery would be done at the Doctors Danieli and McKenzie’s office. During this last visit Doctors Danieli and McKenzie never appeared to talk with me.

    ===>This office has no licence to do the implant surgery, and the Vietnamese woman had no right to decide my teeth needed filling.

    *Michael S. Solomon, DO, M.D.: the eye Doctor at Valley Medical Center at 3915 Talbot road Suite 100, Renton, WA 98055; (425) 656 5345

    This office refused to make early appointment with me for eyes infection. They forced me to go to the emergency first, and then the doctor at the emergency at Valley Medical Center Hospital did not do any treatment, they told me to go to the doctor at the eye center.

    ===>This office did not do the right thing under the law. They had to make early appointment with patients who needed urgent care.

    *Valley Medical Center, Cascade Primary Care: 4033 Talbot Road S. Suite 570, Renton, WA 98055; (425) 656 5400

    ===>This office also did not do the right thing under the law. When I had stomach pain, they refused to make early appointment with me.

    Don Ramey: U W Extension (University of Washington) associate director; 4311 11th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105; (206) 897 8939; (800) 506 1325

    After graduated from the University of Washington, I wanted to continue my education at the U W extension. I came to this office many times, but all people worked at this place did not give me clear information about how to apply, requirement…, then they referred me to Don Ramey, I could contact him by email only. Through several emails, I got nothing to know about information I needed

    King County Library/Library Connection at South Center at 1115 South Center Mall. Tukwila, WA 98188; (206) 242 6044 (inside Westfield Shopping Town SouthCenter, East Entrance)

    Because when I searched the legal service on the internet at home, the internet stopped working. I had to go to the public library. At this place people did not let me used the computer. They said all computers had been booked. I asked for the proof of reservation, they did not have it, and then they let me used the computer.

    Dave Lewis: Superintendent for American Classic Homes L.L.C. at 2806 Sunset Blvd Suite E, Renton, WA 98056; (425) 235 6300

    Dave Lewis works for the builder, he was the person to be responsible for the mistakes in my new house, but he did not do the job. He kept delay to do, and at last he said he would not do it. One time, he told me that he was in a political party and wanted me to join. Now the mistakes from the builder in my house remain undoing.

    A & E Factory Service – North West Service District: 4786 First Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134;(800) 905 9505
    The government agency let people got into my house to damage the dish washer when I was not home. I called A & E Factory Service many times, and fought with people on the phone because it costed my money and my time, but the dish washer never got done. Their technicians came to my house many times, they pretended to repair it, after they left the dish washer remained not working. Each time I called, they gave appointment after five days or over. One time, just a few minutes after the technician left, the dish washer got fire; I had to call the fire department.
    ===>Now the dish washer is still not working.

    Mercedes-Benz of Bellevue: 11950 Bellevue Redmond Road, Bellevue, WA 98005; (425) 455 8535
    People at this dealer cheated my money more than two times. They took money from my credit card not properly when they did the service for my car. Also they did not complete the oil changed service on my vehicle (they did not change the filter) while I had to pay the full amount of that service. On the last visit at Mercedes-Benz of Bellevue, a woman was working there, Sheryl Parkins. She gave an amount of the service higher than the real cost around 200 dollar. Until I asked her to write down on the paper how much then she wrote differently.

    The government agency followed me everywhere, and set up people to harass me. People worked in the South Center Mall, Northgate Mall, Bellevue Mall at the cosmetic department did not sell me the products. All the restaurants I came, I have to bear the harassment. I will provide you more detail and more other public service that I have been harassed such as the post office…Lately they delivered to my house junk mails of Phong Nguyen again
    I am tired of this kind of harassment. Where is the justice for me? Where is the human right for me? All these people joined this dirty game are the humans? Now I feel sock, my teeth need care, but I dare not see doctors because I do not know what people will do next. Nobody protects me; nobody controls harassment from the government agency. I am waiting for your action.

    Sincerely, (signed) Julie Nguyen

    After I have sent this above letter to the ACLU, I talked to a woman (probably a lawyer) on the phone about my case, she said the same as other people had said I should go to some Asian group to get help, and she refused to take this case. Not only her, before and after I found ACLU, many lawyers in Washington state and other states refused to take this case. When I recognized that I could not find justice, I can never get out of this problem, and then I fight with them in my way. I stop to contact with Asian people I knew before, if I go to somewhere not Asian place, I refused to deal with Asian people.

    They wanted me to go Asian restaurants in Renton, I did not. I ran to China town to buy food. So I got a lot of trouble :The people in the restaurants let me wait very long time almost one hour to hear lot of Asian people around talking loudly or doing something to get my attention, or the owners did not give the right food I had ordered or made the food with missing some parts: sauce, vegetables… I knew what wrong only when I got home (I had not eaten at restaurants long time). They had done a lot of inappropriate things on me. All Vietnamese restaurants I had come, people there knew the government harassed me, they did under the control of the government. The last time I went to buy food at the restaurant in March 2011, they let me waited for a long time. I protested, I requested them to do earlier, and then they refused to sell food for me. I called out that the government ordered them to harass me. The Seattle police came to arrest me because of trespassing. I stayed in jail for two nights, before they released me a woman said she was a lawyer and offered me to choose a treatment for mental health. Before that in 2008 when I talked with one dentist about the doctors did the wrong thing on me, that doctor advised me to go to psychologist (it means that doctor was under the control of the government.) This woman do the same here, I refused the offer. After they released me, my boyfriend hired a lawyer in Tacoma. His name is John J. Meske. He suggested my boyfriend I would admit that I took addictive drugs to cause me to do that; of course I did not accept it. When I saw him I told him the story, he said that now just discussed this case (the police report,) so I told him I would talk at the court what the government had harassed me, abused my rights. He said that I did not have any evidence to prove it and the judge would put me in mental health. I said: If I could not find justice for myself I would kill myself, I would never let the lawyer to ask the judge for mercy or admitted guilt while people forced me to do that. At last the lawyer said the prosecutor would not appear at the course to prosecute me. I came to the court twice. The first time the lawyer asked the judge to delay the trial. The second time the judge dismissed the case because the owner of the restaurant signed some paper to cancel the prosecution.

    In beginning 2010 till 2012 When I started driving, a lot of cars ran around me to make me get trouble by running slowly, jumping into my car… I had to make my way to get out. They used the police to give me many tickets because of not giving signal to change lane… what about they did to me? Which law allowed them to harass me? If I went to gas stations not having Asian people working, they did not sell the gas, or a lot of vehicles blocked the line. The government agency worked with Mercedes-Benz of Bellevue setting a distance control device in my car. Just a few days before the police arrested me. It snowed. I had been able to drive on heavier snow even with an older inexpensive vehicle, but on that night, just only a few blocks to get home the car could not move while the engine still working. They let a black man came to pretend helping me. He said I had not been able to drive, and he would take me home. That night and the next evening he came back to take me to my car, he said he had wanted to be my friend, I did not like that way, I refused. Later many black people ran around to remind me about that guy. I was stupid to throw away his phone number, if I still kept it, I would post here for people to check.

    The government had a thousand of way to harass me, to abuse my rights in trying to make me to get along with Asian people. They controlled the smoke alarms to make noise, two seconds one noise, I disconnected that one, the other started, I had to disconnect the alarm power line. They ordered the security alarm companies to harass me: ADT, Pinnacle security. Asian neighbors tried to get my attention, at the banks, any shops, any supermarkets, at the parks… I found my way to fight with them by moving away and living in an apartment. I moved to Arch Stone Water Ford Place in Woodinville in April 2011, still got harassment. In July 2011 I moved to Morning Run Apartment in Monroe, out of King County. I knew I could not avoid the harassment, but all Asian people the government arranged to see me, would be useless. It is only my pleasure. They still do the same thing. The first day I moved in the woman working in the office delayed my moving by letting me waited outside the unit long time, and then she came in to pretend counting, checking every detail inside, I did not care, just did my work. At last she had to live. She did it because she wanted I waited to see again the Asian people were moving in the next unit. FUCK HER. The second day moved in, I found out the dishwasher did not work correctly, the sinks leaked. The Asian technician came in and said he could not fix it, I had to wait a few days to replace a new one, and he could not fix the sink The other woman working in the office came in to check it, and left some conclusion, but did not say it would be fixed. I did not care. I called but you did not do, it was your fault. The light in the kitchen sometime works sometime does not… Now some items are failure, some items work unsatisfactorily. The black woman in the upper unit makes noise day and night, every day.

    Here I have trouble with internet again. Sometime I could not load the webpage I wanted to read or all other web sites, it was blocked. I called the T-Mobile many times using bad language. Lately they usually post a big Asian picture to cover the content, sometime I cannot remove, so I have close the present webpage and go to other web sites. From January 1st, 2014 a big picture appears frequently, if I close it, it appears again. I sent a complaint reported to Google chrome many times, it still happened. FUCK THEM ALL.


    Although I cannot show evidence, no one is willing to be witness. I do not care, a lot of people know, even they refuse to recognize the matter, but at the bottom of their heart they still know the true that is the government set up to hurt me, to abuse me. I don’t care why the government wants me to do that, they have no right to do that to me. A lot of good words come out from their mouths while I cannot find justice, I cannot have my rights to live like other people. I will never get along with people I do not like; I will never do the things I do not want to do.

    Since I have lived in Monroe I do not go shopping, restaurants… anywhere, everything I depend on my boyfriend. I have come to visit cemeteries, and decided which one I would be buried. I have tried to commit suicide several times, but I was unsuccessful. I welcome anybody to sell me potassium cyanide. If I cannot live in my own way, if my life is terrible I will die. I am sure most people will agree with me.

    There happened a problem in 2014, and the Monroe police made a false to insult me. I will update it later

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